Reproductive Biology of Sexual Hybridization in Woody Plants: an Atlas


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Author: Li Wendian & Ma Fengshan
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7030159454
Published on: 2006-01

This book represents a pictorial summary of the findings achieved from research program, “Reproductive Biology of Sexual Hybridization in Woody Plants”, at the Chinese academy of Forestry, Beijing, over the past two decades. Over 700 images were selected from the collections, from which 80 plates were generated. The materials are presented in 10 chapters that are grouped into three topics. The first one (chapters 1 to 6, plates 1 and 51) concerned with the hybrido-embryology in Populus: providing a documentation of the embryological pathway of seed development in parent plants, which serves as a reference for some important cross combinations that follow, conforming the embryological evidence for compatible cross combinations, and unveiling the barriers to hybridization for difficult cross combinations. The second topic (Chapters 7 and 8, Plates 52 and 53) deals with the sexual reproductive biology of distant hybridization in conifers, including a compatible intergeneric cross between cunninghamia and Cryptomeria and an imcompatible interfamilial cross between cunninghamia lanceolata and Platycladus orientalis, by means of soft X-ray radiography and molecular approaches (PCR and RELP) for assessing the genuineness of the hybrids obtained. In the last topic (Chapters 9 and 10, Plates 54 to 80), cyto-biotechnological methods are introduced for tree breeding, such as in ovulo embryo culture for rescuing hybrid embryos from abortion, and isolation of viable male and female gametes towards in vitro fertilization at the cell-to-cell level to overcome fertilization failure.

A List of Plates
I Hybrido-embryology in Populus
1. Development of Sex Organs
2. The Secretory Stigma
3. Pollen-stigma Interaction
4. The Progamic Phase
5. Double Fertilization
6. Development of Embryo and Endosperm
Ii Sexual Reproductive Biology of Distant Hybridization in Cunninghamia
7. Intergeneric Cross Between Cunninghamia and Cryptomeria
8. Interfamilial Cross Between Cunninghamia Lanceolata and Platycladus Orientalis
Iii Application of Cytobiological Techniques for Overcoming Barriers to Hybridization
9. In ovulo Embryo Culture in Populus
10. Isolation of Viable Gametes: Towards in vitro Fertilization

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