Research Materials of Freshwater Molluscs in China

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Language: Chinese with English summary
Published on: 2012-01
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This collected works contains following 30 papers published in Chinese journals in recent years. It may be used as research materials in the field.

Distribution and Diversity of Molluscs in the Mid-lower Yangtze Lakes
长江中下游湖泊软体动物的多样性及分布现状(In English)
By Shu Fengyue
In China, the most diverse molluscan fauna occurs in the Yangtze basin. The molluscan fauna in this region are highly imperiled due to increasing human activities. Aiming at effective conservation of the deteriorating molluscan fauna, intensive field investigations of freshwater molluscs on the mid-lower Yangtze Lakes were conducted between June, 2003 and May, 2005. Altogether 69 species were identified during the collection, including 29 gastropod species belonging to 9 families.
Note on the Genus Funiculus Heude (Euthyneura, Enoidea), With Description of A New Species
小索螺属(直神经亚纲,艾纳螺总科)一新种描述(In English)
By Wu Min
The genus Funiculus Heude, 1888, comprising F. delavayanus, F. debilis, F. probates, F. asbestinus, F. coriaceus and F. laurentianus before this work, was revised in brief. The 7th species Funiculus songi sp. nov. was described from Yunnan, based on the diagnostic shell shape and the apertural structure. Besides, this species gives the chance for learning the anatomy of the genus.
Discovery of Akiyoshia Kuroda Et Habe (Hydrobiidae: Mollusca) from China With Descriptions of Tow New Species
觹螺科秋吉螺属在我国的发现及二新种的描述(Chinese with English Summary)
By Liu Yueying
The present paper deals with Akiyoshia Kuroda et Habe, 1954, a genus first re-corded from China, and two new species of minute freshwater snails belonging to itcollected from Menghai County of Yunnan in 1965 and Guzhang County of Hunan in1979 respectively. All the type speciemens are deposited in the Institute of Zoology,Academia Sinica.Akiyoshia (Saganoa) gunnanensis Liu, Wang et Zhang, sp. nov. (fig. 1)Holotype (YN 658001): Length 2.0 mm) breadth 0.9 mm, length of aperture 0.7 mm,breadth of aperture 0.6 mm. Menghai, Yunnan Province; March 14, 1965.Paratypes:13; length 1.8--2.0 mm, breadth 0.8--0.9 mm;
A New Species of Pseudobythinella (Mesogastropoda, Pomatiopsidae) from China
拟小豆螺属一新种记述(中腹足目,盖螺科)(Chinese with English Summary)
By Cheng Youzhu
Pseudobythinella(Hydrobiidae)was described by Liu(1979)with type species collected from Fujian Province,China.Based on the shell and anatomy data,Davis(1985)put all the species of Pseudobythinella distributed in China into the Family Pomatiopsidae.Up to now,four species of Pseudobythinella have been discovered in China.The present paper deals with a new species of Pseudobythinella tangi from Fujian Province,China.All the type specimens are deposited in Fujian Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
A New Genus and Three New Species of the Family Hydrobidae (Gastropda: Prosobranchia) from Hubei Province, China
湖北觿科一新属三新种(Chinese with English Summary)
By Kang Zaibin
A survey of paragonimiasis in the mountain region of Wufeng County, Hubei Province,was carried out during June to July, 1979. Many lots of different kinds of minute freshwater snails were collected and studied.Among these specimens, three new species have been identified. Two of them are found as the first intermediate hosts of the lung fluke Paragonimus skrjabini Chen, 1959. The new minute snails belong to two genera of the family Hydrobiidae, namely Bythinella and Wuconckona, the latter genus is new to science. The diagnostic features of these new taxa are given in this report. All these type specimens are deposited in the Department of Parasitology, Hubei Medical College, Wuchang, China. Bythinella wufengensis sp. nov. (Figs.1—2) Diagnosis Shell minute, dull white,slenderly-cylindrical,thin and translucent.Shell surface smooth, with very weak growth lines. Whorls 4—4 1/2,convex,scalariform, increase rapidly in height, but slowly in breadth; ****************************************************************************************************************
The species composition and diversity of mollusca in the middle reaches of Xiang River
湘江中游江段软体动物的种类组成及其多样性(Chinese with English Summary)
By Liu Jun
The species composition and population size and distribution of mollusca in the middle reaches of Xiang River were studied; and in virtue of diversity analysis software, the species richness indexes (DMA), and Shannon-Wiener diversity indexes (H′) and evenness indexes (Jsw) of mollusca in fourteen different habitats were analyzed, the system clustering of the mollusca in different habitats were analyzed by Srensen comparability coefficient C . The result of the research showed that there were
Eight New Species of Freshwater Molluscs in Southwest China (Gastropoda: Bivalvia).
中国西南地区淡水贝类八新种记述──(腹足纲:瓣鳃纲)(Chinese with English Summary)
By Liu Yueying
This paper describes & new species of freshwater molluscs collected from Southwest China. They are Viviparus tricinctus sp. nov., Parafossarulus globosus sp. nov., Lithoglyphopsis hyalinus sp. nov., Semisulcospira marl’ca sp. nov., S.crassicosta sp. .nov., Paludomus qianensis sp. nov., P. cinctus sp. nov., and Unto ovatus sp. nov. Holotypes and paratypes are deposited in the institute of Zoology,Academia Sinica, Beliing.
Distribution and Species Diversity of Freshwater Mollusca of Lakes along Mid-lower Reaches of the Yangtze River
长江中下游湖泊淡水贝类的分布及物种多样性(Chinese with English Summary)
Wu Xiaoping
Shallow lakes numerously distributed along mid lower reaches of the Yangtze River are of great importance to human life. Among those lakes, molluscan species are abundant, especially the endemic ones. This paper presents the results of the investigation of Mollusca in 13 lakes and 110 species belongingn to 15 families and 40 genera were recorded. Among them, Bellamya quadrata (Benson), Bellamya aeruginosa (Reeve), Alocinma longicornis (Benson), Parafossarulus sinensis (Neumayr).

On the Freshwater Mollusks in Eastern Sichuan, China
川东地区的淡水贝类(Chinese with English Summary)
By Zeng Heqi
The present paper deals with freshwater mollusks collected from eastern Sichuan. There are 48 species and subspecies belonging to 22 genera in 10 different families. The species Radix ovata (Draparnaud) , Radix chefouensis (Clessin) , Gyraulus albos, Unio continenalis (Hass), Acuticosta ovata (Simpson) , Lamprotula polysticta (Heude), Anodonta angula Tchang, Li et Liu,Cmtarza plicata (Leach)are first recorded from Sichuan Province.Unio ciossus Ketjios is a new record from China.
A New Species of Genus Cipangopaludina from Dianchi Lake in Yunnan Province, China
云南滇池圆田螺属一新种(中腹足目:田螺科)(Chinese with English Summary)
By Zhang Li
In this paper a new species of genus Cipangopaludina belonging to Viviparidae is described.Cipangopaludina dianchiensis sp. nov. (figs. 1-5)Localities: Bai-yu-kou, Guan-yin hill and Kunyang bay in Dianchi lake (N24°50’ E102° 40’).Shell pyramid, large, thick and solid. whorl 7. Except the apex, each spiral whorl with canvex part as angle in media] part and broad plane in upper part. Breadth of each spiral whorl increases rapidly. Apex acute, suture deep.
Mollusk Resource of Huaxi River in Guiyang City
贵阳市花溪河软体动物资源调查(Chinese with English Summary)
By Li Yuan
Huaxi river,with fine aquatic ecosystem and located in the suburb of Guiyang city,Guizhou province,is a headstreamof Qingshui river which belongs to Wujiang water system,the Yangtse River drainage area.The mollusk resources of the river were investigated from July to October,2007 for the population characteristics and their ecological functions.results showed abundant mollusk resource in the Huaxi river.
Study on Fauna of Freshwater and Land Snails from Cave of Guizhou Province, China, With Descriptions of A New Species
贵州洞穴淡水、陆生贝类区系及新种记述(Chinese with English Summary)
By Chen Deniu
The fauna of freshwater and land snails has been poorly studied in cave of Guizhou Province.In this paper,the authers reports main features of the freshwater and land snails of cave of Guizhou Province and deals with a new species of Cyclophoridae.Type specimens are deposited in the Institute of Zoology,Chinese Academy of Sciences. There are 71(24 unknown species and 47 known species) species of freshwater and land snails belonging to 36 genera in the cave of Guizhou Province,main species belong.
A New Species of Streptaxidae from Yunnan Province, China (Pulmonata, Stylommatophora, Streptaxidae).
云南扭轴蜗牛科一新种记述(肺螺亚纲,柄眼目,扭轴蜗牛科)(Chinese with English Summary)
By Zhou Weichuan
This paper deals with a new species of the genus Perrottetia collected from Yunnan Province. Type specimens are deposited in the Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China.Perrottetia biboncavus sp. nov. (Figs. 1-4)Holotype. Alt. 4.4mm,diam 6.6mm; alt. of aperture 2.5mm, diam. of aperture 1.7mm; collec- ted from Menglun Town, Mengla County (21°09′N, 101°02′ E), Yunnan Province, China, 21 July 1993.
Freshwater Mollusks of the Qiantang River System
钱塘江流域的淡水贝类(Chinese with English Summary)
By Huang Weihao
This paper reports the results of an investigation on the mollusks in Qiantang River system. Specimen identification indicated that 67 species were existed, including 42 species belonging to 18 genera in 9 Gastropod families and 25 species belonging to 11 genera in 4 families of the Lamellibranchia. Among which 29 species were first recorded in Zhejiang Province. The relationship of freshwater mollusks with their environment, common species and occasional species in this river system were analyzed and the division of mollusk distribution in the investigated waters was also discussed.
On the Freshwater Molluscs in the Area of Sanxia Reservoir
三峡库区的淡水贝类(Chinese with English Summary)
By Liu Yueying
Fourty nine species of freshwater molluscs from the area of Sanxia Reservoir and nearby are recorded in this paper. These species belong to 10 genera, 8 families, 2 classes, 10 of which are considered to be new to science. All type specimens are preserved in the Institute of Zoology, Academia Sinica.I. Tricula microcosta sp. nov. (fig. 1-3)Shell minute, long-conical. Whorl 6.5 increasing slowly and regularly in size, inflated and arched in shape. Apex obtuse. Surface with fine spiral ridges.
Freshwater Shellfishes in Shandong Province.
山东省的淡水贝类(Chinese with English Summary)
By Ma Junling
This paper was written based on the 1979-1987 fishery resources investigations in inland water areas of Shandong Province. The 39 species of shellfishes collected in the investigation belonged to 9 families and 25 genera. The total production of freshwater shellfish resources was 238 423. 5 t. Suggestions for rational utilization and protection of shellfish resources are presented in the paper.
Pseudobythinella Shimenensis, Sp. Nov, A New Aquatic Paragonimus Cercariae Carrying Snail from Hunan Province
石门拟小豆螺——携带肺吸虫尾蚴的湖南淡水螺类一新种(Chinese with English Summary)
By Liu Yueying
Pseudobythinella shimenensis,sp.nov. (fig.1-4)Holotype (HN 797904): length 2.3mm) breadth 1.3 mm;length of aperture1.0 mm, breadth of aperture 1.1 mm. Paratypes: 12; length 2.0-2.5 mm, breadth1.3-1.5 mm; length of aperture 1.0-1.1 mm, breadth of aperture 1.1-1.2 mm. Collect-ed from Shimen, Hunan; October, 1979. Deposited in the Institute of Zoology, Aca-demia Sinica. Diagnosis: shell minute, oval, thin,translucent,milky white.Apex obtuse.Whorls3(1/2)-4,increasing rapidly in height, but slowly

A New Species of the Genus Acuticosta from Sichuan Province, China
四川省尖嵴蚌属一新种(瓣鳃纲:蚌科)(Chinese with English Summary)
By Zeng Heqi
Acuticosta sichuanica gp. nov. (fig. 1)Shell little, ovaliform, thick; beaks slightly elevated, situated at the anterior end of dorsal margin about one-third of the length. Anterior end rounded, posterior end truncated. Anterior dorsal margin short and low, postdorsal margin straight, also almost paralleled with ventral margin, ventral margin almost straight or slightly arched. Epidermis of shell yellowish-brown, brown-chestnut or blackish-brown; growth lines fine and densely.
Three New Species of Viviparidae from Yunnan Province, China
云南省田螺科三新种(Chinese with English Summary)
By Zhang Wenzhen
In the present paper, 3 new species of the family Viviparidae are described. Holo-type and Paratype specimens are deposited in the Institute of Zoology, AcademiaSinica. Cipangopaludina menglaensis, sp. nov. (fig. 1) Shell small, thin, broadly conoidal. Whorls 6, inflated. Apex acute, spire somewhatshort, body whorl inflated. Surface yellowish-brown or dark brown, with fine growthlines ahd lack of a conspicuous spiral ridge. Aperture ovate, peristome continuous,with a dark edge.
Freshwater Molluscs in Wuling Mountain Areas, China
武陵山地区的淡水软体动物(Chinese with English Summary)
By Liu Yueying
In 1988-1989 the investigation on freshwa er molluscs was hold in Wujing, Qingjiang, Li-shui and Yuanjiang, the four river systems in Willing mountain areas southwest China. Among 53 species collected are 41 belonging to gastropoda and 12 belonging to Lamellibranchia. Seven species are found new (in press). Zoogeographically the species of oriental region occupies a dominant position in the area, is 54.8% (29 species) of the total.
A Preliminary Survey on the Mollusca in Wuyi Mountain
武夷山贝类初步调查(Chinese with English Summary)
By Huang Yiming
This report is a part of the result of our investigation on the mollusca in Mount Wu-Yi. Altogether 10 species have been collected during the year in 1980. They belong to 9 genera, 8 families, 4 orders and 2 classes. Among them I species is recorded for the first time from China. They are: I. Class Gastropoda (I) Subclass Prosobranchia 1. Family Viviparidae (1) Cipangopaludina chinensis (Gray) (2) Bellamya aeruginosa (Reeve) 2. Family Melaniidae (3) Semisulcospira libertina (Gould) (II) Subclass
Species Diversity of Mollusca in the Hengyang Reaches of Xiang River
湘江衡阳段软体动物的多样性调查(Chinese with English Summary)
By Liu Jun
The species composition and diversity of molluscas in the Hengyang reaches of Xiang River are studied.There are 42 species belonging to 9 families and 20 are genera.Most of them are representatives of the family Viviparidae and Unionidae.The diversity measurements of molluscas in ten different habitats show that the values of species richness index DMA range from 19.914 to 15.444;species diversity index H’ range from 1.327 to 0.953;and evenness indexing Jsw range from 0.955

On New Genus and Species of Freshwater Snails Harbouring Cercariae of Lung Flukes from China
携带肺吸虫尾蚴的淡水螺类一新属二新种记述(Chinese with English Summary)
By Liu Yueying
The present paper deals with two new minute freshwater snails which are foundas the first intermediate hosts of the lung fluke Paragonimus skrjabini Chen. Thenew snails belong to two genera, one of which is new to science, of the family Hydro-biidae. The diagnosis of the new genus and the two new species are given below: Pseudobythinella, gen. nov. Diagnosis: Shell minute, cylindrical, thin, transparent. Aperture ovate, with aprominent tooth in the middle of its inner lip.
A New Species and A New Chinese Record of Hydrobiid Snails
觿螺科一新种及中国一新纪录(Chinese with English Summary)
By Liu Yueying
This paper deals with a new species and a new Chinese record of the Hydrobiidae collected from Jilin Province. Type specimens are deposited in the Institute of Zoology, Academia Sinica.Parafossarulus anomalospiralis sp. nov. (figs. 1-3)Holotype (JL 838301): length 18.0mm, breadth 9.5mm; length of aperture 7.0 mm, breadth of aperture 6.0mm; Hailong, County, Jilin Province; July 24,1983, Para-types 10, length 15.0-17.5 mm, breadth 9.0-9.5 mm; length of aperture 6.0-7.0 mm.
On New Species and New Records of Freshwater Snails of the Family Hydrobiidae from Yunnan, China
云南觽螺科的新种及新纪录(Chinese with English Summary)
By Liu Yueying
The specimens for the present study were collected from Yunnan Province dur-ing February to May, 1957, and March to May, 1965. 12 species belonging to 7 generawere obtained. Among them, there are 9 new species, 2 new records for China andone new record for Yunnan Province. Holotype and paratype specimens are deposited in the Institute of Zoology, Acade-mia Sinica. Descriptions of the new species are as follows: Paladilhia yunnanensis, sp. nov. (Pl. Ⅰ, fig. 1; Pl. Ⅱ, fig. 2) Shell minute, elongat
Tow New Species Of Freshwater Mussel of the Genus Scabies from China
中国糙蚌属二新种(瓣鳃纲:蚌科)(Chinese with English Summary)
By Liu Yueying
In this paper, the genus Scabies is firstly recorded in China and two new species are described. Type specimens are deposited in the Institute of Zoology, Academia Sinica. Scabies chinensis, sp. nov. (fig 1)Shell small, solid, inequilateral; somewhat cuneiform in shape; about 2 times in length as in height. Anterior rounded and posterior end truncated; dorsal and ventral margin slightly convexed. Beaks slightly elevated, situated at the anterior end of some 1/4-1/3 of the length. Periderm yellow
Primary Investigation of Freshwater Gastropoda In Yunnan Province.
云南省淡水腹足类的初步调查(Chinese with English Summary)
By Zhang Naiguang
The authors’ 1975 - 1995 comprehensive investigation of freshwater Gastropoda showed that Yunnan Province is home to 2 subclasses, 2 orders, 10 families, 34 genera, 124 spcies of freshwater Gastropods. According to their different roles they can be described as edible,of medical value,used as bait or feed,of harm to agriculture,economic crops,domestic animals, etc. The fauna,characteristics,distribution and abundance of Gastropoda species are also discussed
On The Freshwater Gastropods From Bai-Yang-Dien And Vicinity
白洋淀及其附近地区的淡水螺类(Chinese with English Summary)
By Liu Yueying
This paper deals With 27 species of freshwater gastropods collected from Bai-Yang-Dien (a great lake in the Hopei Province) and its neighboring regions, such as Wenan-wa (文安洼), Sheng-Fang-Wa (胜芳洼) and some other freshwater bodies. They belong to 9 genera in 6 families. The freshwater gastropods in this region are not only rich in species, but also large in quantities. The following 9 species are most common: Cipangopaludina chinensis (Benson), Cipangopaludina cathyensis (Heude), Bellamya aerugin

On a New Minute Freshwater Snail from Hunan Province,China(Gastropoda:Hydrobiidae)
中国微小淡水螺类一新种描记(Chinese with English Summary)
By Kang Zaibin
The new species described in this paper belongs to the genus Akiyoshia (Saganoa)of Hydrobiidae,collected from remote mountainous district of Guzhang County,Hunan province,China in July 1979 and October 1983. The type specimens are kept in the Research Laboratory of Medical Mala- cology,Department of Parasitology,Hubei Medical College,Wuhan City, China. Akiyoshia(Saganoa)orientalis,sp.nov.(Figs.1~3) Diagnosis:A species of Akiyoshia(Saganoa)which differs from its closest relative,A.(S.)kishiiana
Freshwater Snails In The Changsha Region
长沙地区的淡水螺类(Chinese with English Summary)
By Hu Ziqiang
The pre ent paper reported the re ult of a urvey on freshwater snail in theChangsha region of Hunan Province.There are 25 species of fre hwater nail intotal which re pectively belong to ten genera in five familie of Gastropoda,ofwhich three specie are being reported for the fir t time in Hunan Province.Thepaper explained the characteri tices of ecological distribution and geographical di-stribution and identified the dominant species of freshwater snails.The relationshipof human life with freshw

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