Research Materials of Pteridophytes in China (2)


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Language: Chinese with English summary
Published on: 2012-01

This collected works contains following papers published in Chinese journals in recent years. It may be used as research materials in the field:

1.The Pteridoflora of Yingjiang Daniangshan Mt.,Yunnan Province,China
2.Pteridophyte Florae in Dabashan Mountain
3.Study on Pteridophyte Flora in Wujiashan National Forest Park,Yingshan County
4.Study on the Biodiversity of Ferns from Southern to Northern Wuyi Moutains
5.Study on the Pteridoflora of Jiangsu Province, East China
6.Biodiversities and their continental features of the fern floras in Hainan and Taiwan island, China
7.Floristic Analysis of Pteridophytes in Jianfengling Nature Reserve,Hainan Island
8.Research on Flora of Pteridophyte in Hengshan Mountain
9.Investigation of ferns flora in Lingfeng Nature Reserve of Daxing’anling region,Heilongjiang Province,China
10.Preliminary study on the pteridophyte flora of East Guangdong,China
11.Fern Flora in Chongqing,China
12.Additions to the fern flora of Hunan Province
13.Additions to the Fern Flora of Hunan Province(Ⅱ)
14. A study on the pteridophytic flora of Guilongshan Nature Reserve in Changting Fujian
15.Study on the Pteridophyte Flora in Dayaoshan National Nature Reserve of Guangxi
17.Pteridophyte Flora in Tianhuashan Nature Reserve of Shaanxi Province
18.Study on Flora Characteristics of Pteridophyta in the Jinyun Mountains
19.Pteridophytic flora in Mt.Lushan
20.Studies on floristic characters of pteridophyte in Kanglong Natural Reserve,Hunan
21.Research on Floristic Characteristics and Geographic Contact of
Pteridophytes in Ganzi and Liangshan Prefectures in Western Sichuan
22.Pteridophyte Flora in Xiaoqinling Mountain Nature Reserve of Henan Province
23.Pteridophytic flora in Mt.Lushan
24.Analysis of flora characteristics of pteridophyte in North Yandang Mountain of Zhejiang Province
25.Notes on flora and distribution of the pteridophytes of Ba Mountains
26.Pteridophyte Flora in the Area under the Jurisdiction of Beijing

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