Research Papers on Marine Fauna of the Nansha Islands and Neighbouring Waters(I)

南沙群岛及其邻近海区海洋生物研究论文集 (1)

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Author: Multidisciplinary Oceanographic Expedition Team of Academia Sinica to Nansha Islands
Language: Chinese with English abstract
ISBN/ISSN: 7502716025
Published on: 1991-01

1. Studies on some marine brown and green algae of Nansha islands , Hainan Province, China I.
2. Studies on the corallinaceae of the Nansha Islands,Hainan Provnce, China
3. Studies on some maiine red algae of the Nansha Islands, Hainan Provnce, China
4. A Ntipatharians from Nansha Islands Waters
5. A study on the alcyonacea of the Nansha Islanda II
6. A study on the Nanascan – Cribrimorphan bryozoans from Nansha Islands of China
7. Two new species of protobranchia from Nansha islands waters
8. The limpets of Nansha islands waters
9. A study of the some species of scaphopoda(mollusca) of the Nansha Islands, Hainan province ,China
10. Studies on the species of mesogastropoda(prosobranchia)of the Nansha Islands, Hainan Province , China
11. Studies on the species of Neogastropoda and Heterogastrofoda (prosobranchia) of the Nansha islands, Hainan Province , China
12. A study of the Opisthobranchia from Nansha Islands waters
13. Studies on the conidae of the Nansha islands Hainan Province, China
14. On some trochacea in the waters around the Nansha Islands
15. The species of the pterioda from the Nansha islands waters
16. Family cardiidat from Nansha islands waters
17. A new species of vesicomyidae from Nansha islands waters
18. On some cephalopods in the waters around the Nansha islands
19. Studiex on the cirripecia (crustacea) from nansha, China
20. Five Species of Gammaridea(amphipoda)from Nansha Islands
21. Additional report on the Echinodrems from the Region of Nansha Islands
22. The preliminary report on the fishes of the Nansha islands waters
23. The demersal fishes in the waters around Nansha islands (I)

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