Researches of Ailuropoda—Stegodon Fauna from Gulin China


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Author: Yang Xinglong & Yang Daihuai
Language: Chinese with English summary
ISBN/ISSN: 7536630808
Published on: 1995-01

The findings collected from Yiemao Cave contain 1 kind of spiral shell(an invertebrate), 38 kinds of mammals, 9 teeth of humanity and 3 spieces of potsherd, of which Ailuropoda melanolenca baconi, Stegodon orientalis, Megatapirus augustus, Rhinoceros sinensis, Sus cf xiaozhu and so on become extinct and most of them are living species. The fauna is characterized by clear late Pleistocene through a study on it. As some humanity’s teeth of the Neolithic period and potsherd with a rope pattern are unearthed from the fossiliferous horizon it is considered that the Gulin fauna is not the late Pleistocene, but the Holocene in age. Through an anlysis of sporopollenin and based on 14C dating, its absolute period is eventually dated the Holocene of 13 800 ±560aB.P.. The present paper is testified that the Gulin fauna has the charater of transition from the Ailuropoda—Stegodon Fauna of late Pleistocene to modern fauna and the extinct time of Ailuropoda—Stegodon dates back to the Holocene. The discovery of Gulin fauna has an important Significance in studying on the animals’s evolution, in differentiating the geological age of the Quaternary period, in making a comparison between strata and in variations of the paleoclimate and the paleongeography.

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