Revision of 《Flora in Desertis Reipublicae Populorum Sinarum》


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Published on: 2012-01

This paper collection contains following nine papers. It is a supplement to 《Flora in Desertis Reipublicae Populorum Sinarum》.

1.Revision of Cruciferae in 《Flora in Desertis Reipublicae Populorum Sinarum
【Abstract】 According to the characteristics of plant specimens of Cruciferae in desert areas of China and researches in taxonomic literatures,the names of 3 genera,14 species,1 subspecies and 1 variety is revised,i.e.Cithareloma Bge.,C.vernum Bge.;Oreoloma Botsch.,O.fuhaiense(Yang) H.L.Yang,O.grandiflorum(Kuan) H.L.Yang;Neotorularia Hedege et J.Leonard,N.brachycarpa(Vass.)Hedege et J.Leonard,N.humilis(C.A.Mey.) Hedege et J.Leonard,N.humilis var.piasezkii(Maxim.) H.L.Yang;Pachypterygium brevipes Bge.;Goldbachia pendula Botsch.;Hornungia procumbens(Linn.)Hayek;Alyssum simplex Rud.,A.obovatum(C.A.Mey.)Turcz.;Rorippa palustris(Linn.)Besser;Dimorphostemon pinnatifidus(Willd.)H.L.Yang;Sterigmostemum capsicum(Lam.) Rupr.;Erysimum canescens Roth;Eruca vesicaria subsp.sativa(Mill.) Thell.;Olimarabidopsis pumila(Steph.) Al-Shehbaz et al.

2. Revision of the Genus Pachypterygium Bunge, Goldbachia DC., Isatis L. and Lepidium L. in 《Fl.Deser. Sin.》
【Author】 ZHANG Xiu fu (Institute of Desert Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou 730000)
【Abstract】 Genus Pachypterygium Bunge, Goldbachia DC., Isatis L.and Lepidium desert areas of China were studied in this paper. It is considered that Pachypterygium densiflorum Bunge is the synonym of P. multicaule ( Kir.) Bunge, Goldbachia laevigata (M.B.) DC. var. ikonnikovii (Vass.) Kuan et Y.C.Ma is the synonym of G. laevigata (M.B.) DC., Isatis costata C.A.Mey var. lasiocarpa (Ledeb.) N.Busch is the synonym of I.tinctoria L.var. Praecox (Kit.) Koch. and Lepidium capitatum Hook. f. et Thoms. does not distribute in desert areas of China.

3. Revision of the Genus Iris L. in 《Flora in Desertis Reipublicae Populorum Sinarum》
《中国沙漠植物志》鸢尾属(Iris L.)增订
【Author】 Zhang Xiufu (Institute of Desert Research, Academia Sinica, LanZhou)
【Abstract】 Study on plant specimens of desert area in China and textual research in taxonomic literatures show that Iris potaninii Maxim. , I. goniocarpa Baker and I. thoroldii Baker which included in 《F1. Deser. Sin.》 are not
distributed in desert area. However, I. flavissima Pall. and I. pandurata Maxim, should be included in 《F1. Deser. Sin.》.

4.About the Chinese Desert Flora
【Author】 Liu Yingxin (Institute of Desert Research, Academia Sinica, Lanzhou)
【Abstract】 The Chinese Desert Flora are composed of three volumes with 2, 252 thousands Chinese characters, published during the years 1985—1992 by Science Press. In these Volumes 90 families, 570 genera 1,693 species of plants,and 530 plates were published,and a map of Chinese deserts was appended in the first volume. In the record of each species there are Chinese name and Latin name of plants,literature,diagnosis,habitat and usage, and also keys of genera and species.We had made corrections of misused names and cleared up a certain number of species confusion in some of the old literature. In addenda there are diagnosis of new taxa that include 1 new genus,8 new species, and 5 new varieties according to the International Code of Nomenclature.These volumes involve all the plant genera and species in the desert areas and sandy lands in the northern part of China and may fill the gaps in the field of Chinese desert flora.

5.Gramineae Revision of "Flora in Desertis Reipublicae Populornm Sinarnm
【Author】 Zhang Guoliang (Department of Bioiogy, Lanzhou University)
【Abstract】 Through characterization of plant specimens in desert area of china and literature review, the author found that the names of 1 tribe, 1 ganus and 13 species shorld be revises. they are: Triticeae Du-mout; Elymus linn. Enneapogon Borealis (Griseb. ) Honda; Phagmites australis (Cav. ) Trin. ex Steud, Eragrostis minor Host; Aeluropus sinnsis (Debeaux) Tzvel. Aeluropus micrantherus Tzvel; Aeluropus pungens (M. Bieb. ) C. Koch; Aeluropus pungens var, sinkiangensis (K. L. Chang) K. L. Chang; Bromus irvutensis Kom; Elymus nutans Griseb;Elymrs dahuricus Turcz; Elymus cylindrcus (Franch. ) Honda; Avena chlnensis (Fishch. ex Roem. et Schult. ) Metzg; Stipa sareptana var. krylovii (Roshev. ) P. C. Kuo et Y. H. Sun; Arundinella anomala steud.

【Author】 Zhang Xiufu(Institute of Desert Research,Academia Sinica,Lanzhou 730000)
【Abstract】 Studyonplant specimens of desert area in China and textual research in taxonomicliteratures show that Hylotelephium H. Ohba,Pseudosedum(Boiss.)Berger,Rhodiola L., Rosularia(DC.)Stapf,Orostachys spinosus (L. )C. A. Mey,O.cartilagineus A.Bor.Hylotelephium alnae (Frod.)K.T.Fuet G.Y.Rao,H. pallescens(Freyn)H.Ohba,pseudosedum affine(Schrenk)Berger,P.lievenii(Ledeb.)Berger,Rosularia turkestanica ( Regel et Winkl.)Berger,R.platyphylla(Schrenk) Berger,Sedumselskianum Regel et Maack,S.kamtschaticum Fisch.and Rhodiola algida(Ledeb.) Mey.var.tangutica (Maxim.)S. H. Fu should be included in <> and the names of HylotelephiumPurpureum(L. ) Holub and Sedum aizoon L. f.angustifolium Franch. are revised.

【Author】 Zhang Xiufu(Institute of Desert Research,Chinese Acadmy of Sciences,Lanzhou,730000)
【Abstract】 Study on plant specimens in desert areas of China and textual research in taxonomicliteratures show that there are 25species,2 varieties and 3 variants of the genus Salix desert areasof China;Salix cheilophila Schneid.,S.linearifolia E. Wolf and S. alberti Rgl.which had not beenincluded in《F1.Deser.Sin》are distributed in descrt areas of China;S. serrulatifolia E.Wolf and S.tenuijulis Ledeb.should be two different species;the names of S.microstachya Turcz. apud Trautv.,S.burqinensis Ch.Y.Yang,S.serrulatifolia E.Wolf var.subintegrifolia Ch.Y.Yang and S.matsudanaKoidz.f.tortuosa(Vilm.)Rehd. are revised.

中国沙漠植物志 杨属(PopulusL.)植物增订
【Author】 Zhang Xiufu(Institute of Desert Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou, 730000)
【Abstract】 Study on plant specimens of desert area in China and textual research in taxonomic literatures show that there are 17 species,5 varieties and 1 variants of the Genus Populus L. in desert area of China; Populus xjrtyschensis Ch. Y. Yang, P. iliensis Drob.,P. alba L. var. bachofenii (Wierzb. ex Roch. ) Wesm.,P. simonii Carr. var. liaotungensis (C. wang et Skv. ) C. Wang et Tung and P. simonii Carr. f. rhombifolia (kitag. ) C. Wang et Tung which had not been included in 《F1. Deser. Sin》 are distributed in desert area of China; P. simonii Carr. var. przewalskii (Maxim. ) H. L. Yang in 《F1.Deser. Sin》 Should be P. przewalskii Maxim.

【Author】 Zhang Xiufu (Institute of Desert Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou, 730000)
【Abstract】 In the Vol.1 of Chinese Desert Flora, there is only one species in Batrachium S.F.Gray by now. Having identified plant specimen of Chinese sandy areas and been with the results of textual research, it is considered that there are 6 species of Batrachium in the sandy areas of China.

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