Science of Chinese Wild Vegetable Resources


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Author: Zhao Peijie & Xiao Jianzhong
Language: Chinese and Latin names
ISBN/ISSN: 7802092973
Published on: 2006-01

This book collected wild vegetable 574 species, and wild edible-fungi 293 species, with 439 illustrations.


1.Arabis pendual L.
2.Arabis flagellosa Miq.
3.Arabis hirsute (Lim.) Scop.var.nipponica ( Savat.)
4.Capsella bursa-pastoris (L.) Medic
5.Cardamine hirsute L.
6.Cardamine leucantha (Tausch) O.E. Schulz
7.Cardamine lyrata Bunge
8.Cardamine tangutorum O.E.Schulz
9.Cardamine urbaniana O.E. Schulz
10.Cardaria draba (L.) Desv.

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