Sedimentology of Petroliferous Basins in China


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Author: Wu Chongyun
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7502121013
Published on: 1999-01

The following concepts are recognized which make up the content of this book accordingly:
1.Most oil and gas discovered in China are mainly produced from clastic deposits of the Meso-Cenozoic.
2. Lacustrine deposits, especially those deposits in the deep sea area, are the most important source rocks.
3.Sedimentary environments and characteristics of deposits are the foundations controlling the sources, reservoirs, caprocks, traps, migration, and preservation of oil and gas.
4. The classification and identification of sedimentary facies and sand bodies must be considered from the whole basin and treated according to not only the hydrodynamics but also the location, water depth, slope, detrital source etc.
5. Identification of the sedimentary facies must be based on all available information comprehensively from geological observations, seismic, and well logging.
6.Tectonics, geography climate, and lithological construction of detritus source area fundamental elements of sedimentation, the sedimentary basins are classified accordingly.
26 Chapters
1. Overview of the Sedimentology and oil and gas occurrence of Meso-Cenozoic Petroliferous Basins in China;
2.Pluvial and Alluvial Fan Facies;
3.Fluvial facies;
4. Lacustrine Facies;
5.Lacustrine Sandbodies;
6.Salt Lake Facies;
7.Paludal facies;
8.Songliao Basin;
9.Erlian Basin;
10.Bohai Bay Basin;
11.Nanxiang Basin;
12.Jianghan Basin;
13.Subei Basin;
14.Continental shelf of Southeast China;
15.Shaan-Gan-Ning Basin;
16. Sichuan Basin;
17.Dian-Qian-Gui Basin;
18.Jiuxi Basin;
19.Qaidam Basin;
20.Turpan-Hami Basin;
21.Junggar Basin;
22.Tarim Basin;
23. Basin types and Sedimentary systems of Meso-Cenozoic Basins;
24.Sedimentation and Oil Generation;
25. Sedimentation and Reservoir, Oil field scale;
26.Diagenesis and Reservoir Behavior of Clastic rock.

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