Shallow Water Acoustics (SWAC’97) - Proceedings of International Conference on Shallow Water Acoustics (Out of print)

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Author: Renhe Zhang
Language: English
Published on: 1997-01

Shallow-water acoustics is one of the most challenging branches of acoustics. It deals with strong sea bottom and surface interactions, multipath propagation and complex variations in the water column. The conference was attended by more than 120 scientists from 17 countries and regions, including most of today’s leading marine acousticians. The presenters also included representatives from several new multi-national groups that had recently performed large-scale, at-sea experiments, where acoustic and oceanographic data were simultaneously collected in shallow water.

Section 1: China-USA cooperative research (5 papers);
Section 2: theoretical and computational acoustics (14 papers);
Section 3: sound propagation and seafloor characterization(13 papers);
Section 4: effects of water column variability (13 papers );
Section 5: reverberation and bottom scattering (12 papers);
Section 6: high frequency acoustics/scattering from surfaces and bubbles /ambient noise (15 papers);
Section 7: acoustic topography (6 papers);
Section 8: signal processing instruments (18 papers).

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