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Published on: 2016-01

《上海社会科学院论文选(第12辑)(套装共4册)》包括:《SASS PAPERS 12 Volume Ⅰ Economics》、《SASS PAPERS 12 Volume Ⅱ Social Development》、《SASS PAPERS 12 Volume Ⅲ International Studies,Politics and Law》、《SASS PAPERS 12 Volume Ⅳ Literature,History and Philosophy》共4册。《上海社会科学院论文选(第12辑)(套装共4册)》关键词:社会科学、文集、英文。《上海社会科学院论文选(第12辑)(套装共4册)》由上海颛辉印刷厂印刷。《上海社会科学院论文选(第12辑)(套装共4册)》版权所有,翻印必究。

《SASS PAPERS 12 Volume Ⅰ Economics》目录: 
Countermeasure to Control Shanghai Population Scale with Fast Growth Effectively 
Studies on Automobile Industry Policy and the Development Trends of Automobile Market in India 
Proposition and Debate on "Middle Income Trap": A Prospective from Literature Research 
Hysteresis Effect of Service Industry Research under the TVP State Space Model 
The Principal—Agent Relationship: System, Trust and Efficiency 
Evolution, Questions and Solutions to the Industry Policy 
Industrial Agglomeration of Foreign Direct Investment and Growing Gap of Income Distribution in China 
Long—term Fiscal Effect of Shanghai's Pilot of "Replacing Business Tax with Value—added Tax": Necessity and Empirical Test 
Financial Development, Industrial Structure and Regional Industrial Growth 
Prospect Analysis on Geographical Distribution of China's FDI after Financial Crisis 
Product Difference Identification: An Analysis within the Intra—Industry Trade Theoretical Framework 
Does State—owned Enterprise Promote or Impede Technology Innovation: Comment on the Technology Innovation Function of SOE 
An Improved Measurement Method of Industrial Structure Similarity 
《SASS PAPERS 12 Volume Ⅱ Social Development》 
《SASS PAPERS 12 Volume Ⅲ International Studies,Politics and Law》 
《SASS PAPERS 12 Volume Ⅳ Literature,History and Philosophy》

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