Shape Memory Alloy’86-Proceedings of the International Symposium CN Shape Memory Alloys September 6-9, 1986 Guilin, China

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Author: Edited by Chu Youyi, T.Y.Hsu and T.Ko
Language: English
Published on: 1986-01

Uner the auspices of the Non-Ferrous Metals Society of China and cosponsored by the Japan Institute of Metals, the International Symposium on Shape Memory Alloys (SMA-86) will be held on September 6-9, 1986, in Guilin, China. Eleven years ago, the first symposium specialized on this subject, the International Symposium on Shape Memory Effects and Applications, was held at the University of Toronto on May 19-20, 1975, and the proceedings of the symposium, shape Memory Effects in Alloys, including 32 papers edited by J. Perkins was published. Since then a great advance has been made in the better understanding of shape memory effect and development of their applications.

This major aim of SMA-86 is to provide a forum for the communication of worldwide new advances in all aspects related to the shape memory alloy. An exhibition on shape memory alloy will parallel to the symposium for promoting the application and manufacture of the alloys. Seventy eight papers from 14 countries collected in this proceedings will be presented at SMA-86, in oral presentation or poster presentation. The first paper will give an outline of up to date researches and applications of shape memory alloys in China, and the others are collected in the following five sections: theory in general, NiTi type alloys, Cu-based alloys, other shape memory alloys and materials and application, manufacture, testing and related behaviors.


1. Researches and Applications of Shape Memory Alloys in China
Theory in General
2. Effect of Ageing and Thermal-Cycling on Shape Memory Alloys
3. Transformation Hysteresis in shape Memory Alloys
4. A Model for Simulation of Material Behaviour of with Shape Memory
5. Transformation Mechanisms and Self Accomodation in Shape Memory Alloys
6. Stability of Solitary Waves in Shape-Memory Alloys
7. Phase Transformations in NiTi-Type Shape Memory Alloys
8. Recent Advances in the Crystallography of Martensitie Transformation in Ti-NJ Alloys
9. The Mechanism of the All-Round Shape Memory Effect
10. The Effect of Stress on Shape Recovery of Nitinol
11. Hot Stage TEM Study of SME in P/M NiTi
12. The Crystallography of Matensitic Transforamtion in a Ti-45at% Ni-5at%Cu Shape Memory Alloys
13. In Situ Investigation of Stress Induced Transformation in a Superelastic NiTi Alloy
14. A Study of Mechanism of Two Way Shape Memory Effect Provided by R-Phase Transformation in a NiTi Alloy
15. A Study of Stress-Induced Premartensitic Transformation and Superelastic Behaviours in NiTi and NiFeTi Alloys
16. R-phase Transition and Associated Mechanical Behavior in Ti-Ni Single Crystals
17. TM Investigation of Premartensitic and Martensitic Transformation in a TiNi Alloy
18. R Transformation in NiTi and NiTiCo Shape Memory Alloys
19. Occurrance of the R Phase Transition and Its Influence on the Shape Memory Effect in a NiTi Alloy
20. Anomalies of the Elastic properties of TiNi Single Crystals Near Martensitic Transformation
21. R-Transformation in a Near-Equiatomic Ti-55.2wt%Ni Alloy
22. Effects of Heat Treatment on R-Transformation and Shape Memory Behaviour in a Ni-Ti Alloy
23. Pretransition and pseudoelasticity in a NiTi (Fe) Alloy
24. The Influence of plastic Deformation on the Structure, Shape Memory Effect and Other properties of YiNi Alloy
25. Evaluation and Analysis of Reversion Stresses in Near Equiatomic Ni-Ti Shape Memory Alloys
26. Low Temperature Transformation Characteristic and Ageing Phenomenon in a 50.5at% Ni-Ti Shape Memory Alloy
27. The Two-Way Memory Effect and the Martensitic Transformation of Two-way Driving Element in Ni-Ti Alloys
28. The Two-Way Shape Memory Effect
29. The Shape Memory Effect of Cu-Zn-A1 Alloys
30. Ageing of a Cu-Sn Shape Memory Alloy
31. Ageing of Rapidly Quenched Shape Memory Alloys
32. Studies of the Crystal Structure of Martensites in CuZn-A1 Alloys
33. Mechanisms of Transformations of the Cu-12.5%Al Shape Memory Alloy Studied from a Computerized Method to Index Electron Diffraction Patterns
34. A New Twin Relationship and Twin Substructure in 18R Martensite Formed in a CuZnA1 Alloy
35. On the Type I and II Stacking Faults of 18R Martensitic Phases
36. Structural Characteristics of Two-Way Shape Memory Effect in Cu-Zn-Al Alloys
37. The Influence of Heat Treatment on Martensite Structure of a Cu-18at% Zn-14at%A1 Alloy
38. A Study on Cu-Al-Ni Shape Memory Alloys
39. Reversible Shape Memory Effect in Cu-Al-Ni and Cu-Zn-Al Alloys
40. Rapidly Solidified CuZnA1 Shape Memory Alloy
41. The Effect of Thermal Cycling on Martensitic Transformations in a Cu-Zn-A1 Alloy
42. Effect of Step Quenching on Thermoelastic Martensitic Transformation in a Cu-Zn-A1 Shape Memory Alloy
43. Influence of Vacancy-Type Defects on Reverse Transformation and Shape Memory Effect in a Cu-A1-Zn-Mn-Ni Alloy
44. The Effect of Martensite Ordering on SME in a Cu-Zn-A1 Alloy
45. Thermal Cycling-Induced Disordering in Parent Phase of a Cu-Zn-Al Shape Memory Alloy
46. Effect of Quenching Media on Stabilization of Martensite in CuZnA1 Ty~ Alloys
47. Relationship between Shape Memory Effect, Nucleation and Acoustic Emission in Cu-Zn-Al
48. On the Effect of Grain Boundary on Pseudo-Elastic
Deformation of Cu-Zn-Si Bicrystal of Thermoelastic Shape Memory Alloy
49. Influence of' Martensite Morphology and Crystal Structure on the Pseudoelasticity in a Cu-A1-Zn-Me-Ni Alloy
50. The Reverse Shape Memory Effect and Bainite Transformation in a Cu-Zn-Al Alloy
51. An Abnormal Phenomenon in a Cu-Zn-Sn Alloy with SME and TWME
52. Composition Dependence of the Transformation Behavior at Moderate Temperature in Cu-Zn-A1 Shape Memory Alloys
53. Shape Memory Alloy of Fe-Mn-Si
54. Strain-Induced Martensite in Fe-Ni Alloys
55. Pseudoelastic Behavior Associated with γ2=β2 Transformations and (111) Twinning in single Variant r2 Martensite of Au-47.5at% Cd Alloy Single Crystals
56. Reversible Shape Change in a Shape Memory Alloy/Elastomer Composite
57. Scoliosis Correction Rods of TiNi Alloy and Clinical Application
58. Design Concepts for Two-Way Shape Memory Devices
59. Systematizing the Application o~' Shape Memory
60. Recent Researches by the Engineering Research Association of Shape Memory Alloys (ASMA)
61. Applications of a NiTi Shape Memory Alloy to Medicine and Dentistry
62. A Study of Shape Memory Alloy for Medicine
63. Chinese NiTi Wire-A New Orthodontic Alloy
64. Clinical Application of NiTi Memory Alloy Pin in Oral-Maxillo-Facial Surgery
65. Orthopaedic Applications of a NiTi Shape Memory Alloy
66. Study and Clinical Application of the Cervical Intervertebral Artifieal Joint
67. Internal Fixation With Ni-Ti Shape Memory Alloy Compressive Staples in Orthopaedic Surgery (A Review of 51 Case)
68. Ti-Ni Shape Memory' Alloy Clip for Tubal Sterilization
69. Corrosion Behavior of a Nickel Titanium Alloy
70. Studies on the Reliability of NiTi Shape Memory Alloys Applied to Helical Spring Meehanieal Energizers
71. A study on the coupling of Ni-Ti Shape Memory Alloys
72. A Study on Heat RecoverableCouplings for Joining Aluminium Tubes
73. Twiee Shape-Fixed Heat-Treatment for Two-Way Shape Memory Effect in a Ti-Ni Alloy
74. All-Round Shape Memory Effect and Its Application
75. An Application of CuZnA1 Memory Alloy to Thermocutout and Thermoswitch
76. Manufacture of Cu-Base SM Alloy Coupler and Its Characteristics
77. Shape Memory and Microstructure of Welded TiNi Alloy
78. A Standard Test to Evaluate the Useful SME of NiTi

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