Sinian-Cambrian Boundary Stratotype Section at Meishucun Jinning Yunnan, China


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Author: Luo Huilin, Jiang Zhiwen et al
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
Published on: 1984-01

The Meishucun section in Jinning county, Yunnan province, represents a stratotype section for both the Sinian- Cambrian boundary and the Meishucuniaa Stage, and serves at thesame timeas a Chinesecandidatefor globalstratotypesectionand pointfor thePrecambrian-Cambrian boundary. The Present monograph is as overall and systematic summary of the results of researches on the Meishucun section conducted in recent years, dealing with biostratigraphy, lithostratigraphy, isotopic geochronology and magnetostratigraphy

1. Introduction
2. Description of the section
3. Sinian-Early Cambrian Lithostratygraphy and its Subdivisions
4. Sedimentary Facies and Contact Relationships Between Various Formations and Members
5. Biological Characteristics of the Late Sinian Dengyingxia'an Stage and the Early Cambrian Meishucunian and Qiongzhusian Stages
6. Isotopic Age Determinations and Magnetostratigraphical Characteristics
7. The Definition of the Sinian-Cambrian Boundary
8. Regional and Intercontinental Correlation of the Meishucunian Stage and the Sinian-Cambrian Boundary Stratotype
9. Explanation of Plates

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