(State Key Project of the 9th five year plan-Origin of Early Humans and Environmental Background Series Monograph III)--Lufeng Hominoid Fauna Lufeng Guyuan - Renke Zaoqi Chengyuan)

祿豐古猿 – 人科早期成員

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Author: Xu Qinghua and Lu Qingwu
Language: Chinese with Latin name and English abstract
ISBN/ISSN: 9787030208002
Published on: 2008-01

Chapter 1 A brief introduction
Chapter 2 Crania of Lufengpithecus
Chapter 3 Mandibles of Lufengpithecus
Chapter 4 Teeth of Lufengpithecus
Chapter 5 Postcranial remains of Lufengpithecus
Chapter 6 Taxonomy and the systematic position of Lufengpithecus and other problems

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