Stochastic Theory of turbulence and sediment Transport and Its Application to 3D Numerical Modeling

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Author: Yuanya Li
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7502765417/P.922
Published on: 2006-01

In this dissertation, a nonlinear stochastic turbulence model coupled with the ĸ— ε model is development based on characters of a turbulent vortex and mathematical analysis. Other models of turbulent closure are outlined as special cases of this model for the purpose of comparison. Based on the stochastic behavior of sediment transport, a general equation of suspended sediment transport and a general equation of bed load transport are derived. Eight experiment cases of suspended sediment transport are simulated numerically by using the general suspended transport equation. Very good agreement is obtained and the advantage of the general diffusion equation is proven. These two equations can help explain other research results on these two topics. The stochastic formula is developed, taking into account the influence of vortices, secondary motion and turbulent intensity for predicting sediment transport in the local scour of bridge piers both for bed load and suspended load. The special numerical schemes for general bed load and suspend sediment transport equations are derived. All of those considerations have been included in the 3D numerical model, RIVER3D, development by this author.


Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Literature Review
Chapter 3 Stochastic Theory for Turbulence
Chapter 4 Stochastic Theory of Bed Load Transport
Chapter 5 Stochastic Theory of Suspended Sediment Transport
Chapter 6 Application of Stochastic Theories of turbulence and Sediment Transport in 3D Numerical Modeling
Chapter 7 Conclusion]

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