Stratigraphy and Palaeontology in W.Sichuan and E. Xizang, China (Part 2)


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Language: Chinese
Published on: 1982-01

1. Discovery of the Ordovician Calcareous Algae from Batang, Sichuan
2. Eocene Polynological Assemblage from the Gonjo Formation in Eastern xizng
3. Fossil Plants from the Late Triassic Lamaya Formation of Western Sichuan
4. Early Cretaceous Plants from the tuoni Formation of Eastern Xizang
5. Upper Triassic Foraminifera of Eastern Xizang
6. Fusulinids of Eastern Qinghai-Xizang Plateau
7. Palaeozoic and Mesozoic Sponges from Southwest China
8. Hydrozoids from the Ningjiang Mountains of the Southwestern China
9. Carboniferous and Early Permian Bryozoas in the Qamdo Area, Eastrn Xizang
10. Palaeozoic Stromatoporoids from Markam of Xizang and Batang of Sichuan
11. Early Palaeozoic Trilobites from Eastern Xizang and Westrn Sichuan
12. Mesozoic Conchostracans of East Xizang and West Sichuan
13. Lower Ordovician Graptolites from the East Borders of Qinhai-Xizang Plateau


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