Stratigraphy and paleontology of China (2 Vol. set)

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Author: Yang Zunyi
Language: English
Published on: 1994-01

This book is a new one of the national Publications sponsored by the Commission on Stratigraphy & Paleontology under the Geological Society of China . It aims at recording new advances in the study of Stratigraphy and paleontology and their related subjects. Meanwhile, with emphases on those topics relating to global geology it will also embody some comprehensive themes in order to help the foreign readers who are not familiar with China to know the geology of China . Volume 1 covers nine papers concerning the records to foraminifers , brachiopods, bivalves and conodonts a synthesis of Famennian stratigraphy of South China; discussion on the boundaries of Cambrian and Ordovician and others . Volume 2 published in August 1994 Trilobita, Brachiopods, Coral, Stromatoporoids, Calcareous nannofossils, Conodonts and Graptolite, thermal maturity and others.

Quaternary Microbiotas of Northern Xisha Trench of South China Sea and their Paleoclimatological and Stratigraphical Significance; On Multielement Taxonomy of the Early Triassic Conodonts;

An Outline of Famennian Stratigraphy of South China; Stratigraphic and Paleobiogeographic Aspects of Paleozoic Marine Bivalves of China; The Jurassic Terebratulids from the North Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau: A Study on Loops; Albian-Campanian(Cretaceous) Planktic Foraminiferal Stratigraphy in Southern Xizang(Tibet); The SEM Study of Wall Ultrastructure of Triticites cellamagnus; A Comment and Proposal for the Serials or Stage Classification of Ordovician System; On the Middle/Upper Cambrian Boudary of China; Plates

CONTENTS (Volume 2): Discovery of a New Famennian Echinoderm Fauna from the Hongguleleng Formation of Xinjiang, with Redefinition of the Formation; Thermal Maturity of the Sinian and Early Paleozoic I West Hubei, China, Assessed by CAI, Reflectance and Geochemical Studies; Proetida (trilobita) from the Pagoda Limestone(Caradoc) of Northern Upper Yangtze Plateform, China; Early Middle Jurassic Brachiopods from Shuanghu District, Northern Tibet; Event Stratigraphy at the Permian-Triassic Boundary; Longxianites, a new Heliolitoid Coral Genus from the upper Ordovician of North China; Geological and Geographical Distribution of Ordovician Stromatoporoids in China; Early Devonian Spiriferid Brachiopod Borealispirifer n.gen.from Balkhash-Mongolia-Okhotsk Region; Cretaceous-Lower Tertiary Cacareous nannofossils from southern Tibet and their Environmental Significance; Evolutions of Conodont Genera Neogondolella, Hindeodus and Isarcicella in Northwestern Hunan, China; The Xinchangian(Early Ordovician) Graptolite Sequence in Qinghuangdao Area, Hebei Province; A primary study on Ontogeny of Unispirifer striatoconvolutus (benson et Dun); Early Cambrian Paleobiogeography and Revision of Positions of Paleocontinents

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