Stratigraphy of the Mount Qomolangma Region

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Author: Xizang Scientific Expedition, Academia Sinica
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 70300035756
Published on: 1987-01

The present book contains the newest results obtained on the basis of long term study of the exclusive large amount materials in the world as a result of nationwide investigations organized several times by related research institutes of China, mainly subordinate to Academia Sinica from more than 60 sttratigraphic sections in the studied region. In addition, over 20 kinds of fossils are there serving as evidences. The stratigraphic sequences ranging from Cambrian to Tertiary have been quite completely established over there. In this book, all the reports with their text-figures and tables can be said to be the most comprehensive and systematical stratigraphic works about the Mt. Qomolangma Region ever written and published up to present day. Undoubtedly, it is of great value to the study of regional geology, physical geography, Palaeontology and, in particular, to the biostratigraphic correlation between the Himalayas and Tethys.

1. Preface

2. Translator's Note
(1) Introduction
(2) Cambro-Ordovician System
(3) Ordovician System and Silurian System
(4) Devonian System
(5) Carboniferous System
(6) Permian System
(7) Triassic System
(8) Jurassic System
(9) Cretaceous System
(10) Tertiary System
(11) Concluding Remarks
(12) References

3. Appendices
(1) New Advances in the Stratigraphy of the Himalayas
(2) Marine Triassic Rocks in Tingri of Tibet
(3) Some New Observations on the Permian Bio-stratigraphy of the Himalayan Province

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