Structural Mechanics


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Author: Zhao Zhangyan
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787562944669
Published on: 2014-06
Soft Cover

Structural Mechanics《结构力学(英文版)》是编者结合十多年的“结构力学”双语教学经验编写而成的。它既可以作为高等学校机械类学生的教材,也可作为机械工程技术人员的参考用书。《结构力学(英文版)》采用全英文编写,使读者在学习结构力学的同时,掌握结构力学的英语表达,增强读者对外技术交流的能力;同时,还在教材中融入了较多的工程实际案例。多年来,编写人员主持和参与了大量与机械结构研究、设计和分析相关的科研课题,并将这些素材融人到教材中,提高教材的适应性和可读性。在每章的结尾附有少量生词解释。

Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 The Research Object and Task of Structural Mechanics and Its Relation—ship with Construction Machinery
1.2 The Developmental History of Structural Mechanics
1.3 Computing Model
1.4 Classification of Structures
1.5 The Classification of Loads
Chapter 2 Geometric Stability of Structures
2.1 Basic Concepts
2.2 How to Calculate the Degree of Freedom
2.3 Geometric Construction Analysis of Planar Systems
Chapter 3 Analysis of Statically Determinate Truss
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Classification of Trusses
3.3 Method of Joints
3.4 Method of Sections
Chapter 4 Analysis of Statically Determinate Rigid Frames
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Reactions
4.3 MDiagram
4.4 Q Diagram
4.5 N Diagram
4.6 Draw the Internal Force Diagrams for the Frame Shown
Chapter 5 Principle of Virtual Work and Displacement of Structure
5.1 Introduction
5.2 RealWork Done by External Load
5.3 Virtual Work
5.4 Displacement Analysis
5.5 Simplification of Displacement Equation (5.21)
5.6 Graph Multiplication
5.7 Displacements Caused by Other Factors
5.8 Reciprocal Theorems
Chapter6 Force Method
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Concept and Description
6.3 Degree of Indeterminacy
6.4 Calculation Steps
6.5 Highly Indeterminate Structures
6.6 Analysis of Symmetrical Structures
6.7 Effect of Support Moment
6.8 Displacements of Indeterminate Structures
6.9 Check of Diagrams
Chapter 7 Slope—Deflection Method
7.1 Induction
7.2 Determine Unknowns and Primary Structure
7.3 Slope—Deflection Equation
7.4 Displacement Method of Analysis
7.5 Analysis of Symmetrical Structure 

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