Studies on Modern Technology of Rock - Fill Dam Construction and Hydropower Development

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Author: Li Jugen
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787550905610
Published on: 2013-10
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Studies on Modern Technology of Rock - Fill Dam Construction and Hydropower Development

Preface I
Preface lI
Innovation and Application of Key Technologies for Xiaowan Arch Dam
Role of Hydropower in Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
Sustainable Development of Hydropower in Lancang River Basin
Rockfill Deformability-Discussion on the Behavior of Brazilian Rockfill Dams
Leading the World through Promoting New Techniques in Dam Construction Actively and Prudently
Introduction of Vertical Drains as a Safety Measure for Concrete Face Dams(CFRDs) with New
Materials Located in Seismic Areas
New Type of Dam-Cemented Material Dam and Cuvrrent Research Progress Related
Underwater Rehabilitation of a 113 m High CFRD: Experiences from Turimiquire
Evolution Mechanism of Spatial-Time Characteristics of High Arch Dam
Monitoring and Inspection of Hydropower Stations and Dams with Unmanned Underwater Vehicles
Main Technical Innovation and Practice in Nuozhadu Hydropower Station Engineering
Monitoring Data Analysis and Discussion on Downstream Atomiztion of Flood
Discharge of the Pubugou Dam on the Dadu River
Topic 1 Cases and Engineering Experiences of Rock_fill Darns
Design Research and Practice on Impervious Materials for the Core Wall of Nuozhadu Rockfill Dam
Chaglla CFRD-Main Design Features
Study on Key Technical Issues of the High Clay Core Rockfill Dam of Lianghekou Hydropower Station
Emborcagao Dam Stress-Strain Behavior in 28 Years of Operation
Construction Techniques of Nuozhadu Core Rockfill Dam
Evaluation of Design and Construction Performance of Concrete Faced Rock-fill (CFRD) of
Maiaojiaba Hydropower Station
Research on Key Techniques for Concrete-faced Rockfill Dam of Liyang PSPS Upper Reservoir
Risk Analysis of Construction Diversion during Initial Stage for Lianghekou Hydropower
Project in Yalong River
Study on Treatment of Sand Layers in Foundation of Changheba Gravel Soil Core Wall Rockfill
Design of High CFRD for Jiangpinghe Hydropower Station
Topic 2 Design and Analysis of Rockfill Dams
Research on Design Principles of the Ultra High Concrete Faced Rockfill Dams
Study on Life-cycle Safety and Quality Management of High Earth-rock Dam Project: a Case
Seismic Design and Analysis Aspects of Large Earth Core Rockfill Dam Located in a Narrow
Canyon with Multiple Seismic Hazards
Design of Nuozhadu Core Rockfill Dam
Numerical Analysis of High CFRD Taking Into Account the Scale Effect by Using an
Elastoplastic Constitutive Model L&K-Enroch
Key Technique Research of Concrete Face Rock:fill Dam Based on Deep Overburden Layer and
Strong Unloading Rockmass
Research and Designing on Initial Water Impoundment Speed of Nuozadu High Core Wall
Rock Fill Dam
Three-dimensional Cellular Automata Based Particle Flow Simulations on Mechanical
Properties of Talus Deposit
Evaluation Aspects and Criteria of Maximum Aseismic Capability for High Earth-rock Dam
Topic 3 Material and Construction Method of Rockfill Dams
Ilisu Dam and Hepp Selection and Evaluation of Embankment Material
Design for Mix Proportion and Construction of Asphalt Concrete Facing Slab in Cold Region
Splitting and Direct Tensile Strength Tests for Earth-Core Material
Studies on Creep Behaviors of Lianghekou Rockfill by Triaxial Tests
Semi-positive Cutoffs for Embankment Dams
Treatment Design of Deep Overburden of Concrete Faced Rock-fill Dam
Foundation and Evaluation of Its Validity
Study on Characteristics of Moraine Conglomerate in Building Jiangpinghe CFRD
Study on Optimization of High Concrete Face Rockfill Dam Filling Procedure
The Applications and Developments of High Earth-rock Dam Digital Control Construction
Abnormal Behavior of Wawushan Dam Face Slab Caused by Inverted Water Pressure
During Construction
The Fast Filling & Constructing of High Concrete Faced Rock-fill Dam in Narrow Space
Topic 4 Operation, Maintenance and Monitoring of Rockfill Dams
A Statistical Method for Evaluating Leakage of CFRDs
The Application of InSAR for Satellite Based Monitoring of Dams
Displacement Forecasting Models with Impoundment Factors for High CFRDs
Rockfill Dam Settlement Data: Processing and Statistical Analysis
Research on Damage Causes of Construction Joints of Sanbanxi Concrete Face Rock-fill Dam
Seepage and Leakage Detection in Dams
Parameters' Sensitivity Analysis and Computation of the Embankment Dam and its Application
to Inversion and Locations Optimization of Displacement Monitoring Points
Analysis of Baoping Concrete Face Rockfill Dam Infiltrating Status in Early Storage Period
Preliminary Study on the Piezometer Installation in Miaowei Geomembrane-core Rockfill Cofferdam
The Design and Practice of Safety Monitoring System for Nuozhadu High Core Wall Rockfill Dam
Topic 5 Sustainable Development of Hydropower and Environment-friendly Technologies for Dam Construction
Analysis of Hydro.power Plant Platform Concept as a Synergy Element between Hydroelectricity
and Brazilian Amazon Region Sustainable Development
Strengthen Science and Technology Innovation on Environmental Protection, Construct Beautiful
Three Gorges Reservoir Area
Building the Future: the Revival of Dam Building in Afghanistan
Sayed Karim Ghalgi Mohammad Hakim Qazizadah Abdulelah and Ghafoori Mohammad Naim
Study on Impervious and Protective Measures for Shoukoubao CSG Dam
Sustainable Reservoir Sediment Management for Siting, Design and Operation of Hydropower
Solution to Resettlement of Hydropower Project Affected People Based upon National and Provincial
Concrete Dams for Sustainable Development in the 21st Century
Effect of Different FCLL Regulation Scenarios of the Three Gorges Project on Dam Navigation
An Experimental Study for Dam Operation on Power House Construction in Chungpyong Dam
Management and Practice on Environmental Protection in Construction Period of
Longkaikou Hydropower Station
Application of Multi-beam Sounding Technology in Security Management of Reservoir at
Manwan Hydropower Station
Study on Mechanism of the Carbon Cycle and Greenhouse Effect of Hydropower Resources
Informatization Situation and Challenges in Hydropower Project Construction Phase
Application of Rock-Filled Concrete Technique in Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering
Preliminary Study on the Performance of Continuous Sliding Mixing Equipment for CSG
Topic 6 Design and Construction of High Dams
Towards a 300 m High CFRD
Research on Key Technology for Safe Operation of 300-m Grade Arch Dam During Reservoir Impoanding
Some Relevant Aspects of Geotechnical Design for 'La Yesca' Dam: Description of its Behavior
During the Construction Stage and First Filling After One Year of Built
Santo Ant6nio Hpp River Diversion-Inovattive Solution for Cofferdam Construction to Anticipate
Power Generation
Damage Modeling of a Cemented Sand and Gravel Dam in China
Cofferdams and Rockfill Embankments as Temporary River Diversion Structures-Challenges
and Risks
Design and Application of Real-Time Roller Compacted Quality Monitoring System in
Longkaikou Hydropower Station
Numerical Simulation Research on the Hydraulic Characteristics of Multi-horizontal Submerged Jets
Rolled Asphalt Concrete Construction Technology in Winter
The Concrete Expansion Phenomenon in a Concrete Gravity Dam
Topic 7 Dam Safety assessment and Rehabilitation Technology
Super-Deep Cut- Offs to Improve Inadequate Foundation and to Repair High Dams
Aging Modes and Remedial Measures for Concrete Dams
Design of Temperature Crack Treatment of Xiaowan Dam
Development of Methodology for Partially Automated Hydropower Potential Calculations Using
Evaluation of High Slope Stability at Arch Dam Abutment Based on Internal Monitoring Data
Karun i Hydropower Plant Rehabilitation Project in Iran, Turbine Repair and Refurbishment
The Study of Key Issue Consolidarion Grouting's Design in Arch Dam of Dagangshan
Hydropower Station
Naussac Dam(france) : Aginf of the Upstream Concrete Face: Detection, looking for Leaks
and Repair
Study on Variable-weight Exponential Smoothing Forecasting Model of Dam Slope
Research on the Key Technology & Its Application to Reinforcement Project Post-evaluation for Dangerously Weak Dams
The Numerical Simulation of Aerated Cavity Length and Negative Pressure on Stepped Spillway Combined with Y-shape Asymmetrical Flaring Gate Pier
Experimentation of Composite Contact Grouting Technology for Hydraulic Steel Lining at Jinghong Hydropower Station
Disposing the Major Security Threats During Construction in Zhexi Expansion Project

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