Study on Lake Eutrophication and Its Countermeasure in China


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Author: State Environmental Protection Administration of China
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
Published on: 2001-01

1. Emerging Global Issues-Endocrine Disrupting Chemieals (EDCs) and Cyanotoxins
2. Eutrophication Experience in the Laurentian Greal Lakes
3. Series of Technologies for Water Environmental Treatment in Caohai, Dianchi, Yunnan Province
4. Towards Development of an Effective Management Strategy for Lake Eutrophication
5. A Rapid Efficiency-method for Algal Control
6. Eutrophication Control Technology for Lakes in China
7. Development of Advanced Water Renovation Systems Using Bio/ecoengineering for Establishing Sound Water Environment
8. Eutrophication Prognosis and Realities for Lake Nalvasha: Causes, Effects and Management Strategies
9. Estimation of Oxygen Budget in Polluted Aquatic System
10. Countermeasures for Eutrophication Control of Taihu Lake
11. The Lakes Status in the South of Russian far East and Problem of Their Pollution (On example of Khanka Lake)
12. Present Status and Conservation Measures of Water Environment in Japan
13. Internal Environmental Prevention and Cure Measures for Eutrophication of Lake Dianshan in Shanghai and the Analysis of their Benefits
14. Environmental Dredging for the Treatment of the Inner Source of Pollution in Lakes
15. Ecological Restoration of Shallow Eutrophic Lakes by Drawdowa: Concept and Implications for Lake Dianchi (China)
16. Impacts of Cage Fishery in Lake on Water Eutrophication
17. Successful Eutrophication Management in Lake Balaton, Hungary-Methods, Expectations, Surprises, and Recommendations
18. The Eutrophication of Major Lakes and Remedial Measures in Korea
19. Restoration of Eutrophicated Macrophyte-dominated, Shallow Lakes
20. Management Plant for Eutrophicated Lakes Using Logical Framework Approach (LFA)-The Lake Wuliangsuhai case, Inner Mongolia
21. Strategic Planning. A Tool for Eutrophication Prevention and Control in the Binational Basin of the Bermejo River
22. System and Methods of Monitoring of Processes of Eutrophication in Lakes and Reservoirs of the South Russian far East
23. Lake may be seen as a Mirror Reflected Civilization Level of Mankind-Talking about Strengthen Lake Management
24. Attach Importance to Lake With Macrophyte Responding Eutrophication Problem
25. Comprehensive Strategy and Practices on Lake Eutrophication Prevention and Treatment
26. A think of Measurements to Control Eutrophication in China on the Basis of International Research Experience of Restoration of Eutrophic Lakes
27. The Investigation on Water Pollution Prevention and Treatment work of Dianchi Lake Catchment
28. Protect Dianchi Lake Pursuant to Law & Strengthen the Lake Management
29. Numerical Analysis on the Responses of Total Phosphorus to the Proposed Pullution Control Projects for Quilu Lake Using a Water-Sediment Coupled Total Phosphorus Model for Shallow and Eutrophic Lakes
30. Studies on Productivity Control-an ecological and Biological Way for the Algal Bloom Control in a Hyper-eutrophic Lake Dianchi

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