Sustainable Agricultural Development-Our Common Goal


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Author: Tang Huajun
Language: English
Published on: 2003-01

1. Polices for Sustainable Agricultural Development
2. Sustainable Agricultural Technology and its Development
(1) Programs on Rural Viability and Sustainable Agricultural Development in the Republic of Korea
(2) The Research on Development Models of Sustainable and High Efficiency Agriculture in Tai Lake Region-A Case Study of Changshu City of Jiangsu Province
(3) Current Status and Countermeasures for the Development of the Safety of Agricultural Transgenic Organisms in China
(4) Study on Ecological Agricultural Model Suitable for Metropolis Characteristics-Research on the Model of Shanghai Metropolis Ecological Agriculture
(5) Current Status of Non-Chemical Techniques Used in Plant Disease Control in Chinese Taipei
(6) Agro-ecological Engineering Construction for Sustainable Agriculture-The Ecological Agriculture in China
(7) Organic Agriculture in China
(8) Microirrigation-One of the Most Advanced Irrigation Techniques for Sustainable Agriculture
3. Integrated Management of Agricultural Resources
(1) Linking Quality of Agroecosystem at National Level and Sustainable Development of Agriculture
(2) Discussion on the Evaluation of Sustainability of Agroecosystem
(3) Management of Crop Water Demand: A Key to Sustainable Agriculture
(4) Best Practices on Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (SARD) in China
(5) Study on the Evaluation Index System of Ecological Agriculture
4. Agricultural Environment Pollution and Protection
(1) Soil and Water Conservation in Chinese Taipei
(2) Drainage Water Recycling: Sustaining Productive Rice Environment
(3) IPM and Its Practice in China
5. Information Technologies for Sustainable Agriculture
(1) Land Resource Assessment Using GIS for Sustainable Agriculture in Vietnam
(2) GIS Technology and Its Application for Management of Agricultural Resources
(3) The Use of Linear Spectral Unmixing Model for Improving Estimation Accuracy of Winter Wheat Acreage-A Case Study in Shunyi County, Beijing, China
(4) Health State and its Assessment of Land Use System
6. Appendix
(1) Program of Workshop on Sustainable Agricultural Development and Technical Training

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