Symposium on Petroleum Geology of Tarim Basin in China and Siberia Platform in Russia


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Author: Jia Chengzao
Language: Chinese
Published on: 2001-01

1. The Exploration Achievements and the Prospect for Natural Gas in Tarim Basin, China
2. The Characteristics of High-Quality Clastic Reservoir Characterization and the Genetic Analysis, Tarim Basin
3. The Geochemical Characteristics and Generation of Natural Gas in the trim Basin
4. Organic Geochemistry of Middle-Upper Ordovician Source Rocks in Tarim Basin, North west China
5. History of Oil and Gas Accumulation in Central-Tarim Uplift
6. Genetic Groups of Natural Gas and Conditions for Gas Reservoir Formation in Tarim Basin, China
7. Peculiarities of Tectonic Development of the Tarim Platform in the Neogene
8. Regional Estimation of the tarim Platform Petrolum Potential from the Results of Analysis of the Formation History of its Sedimentary Cover
9. Evolution of Structure and Petroleum Potential of the Yenisey-Baykit Region of the Siberi an Platform and Tarim Basin
10. Fold Tectonics of Jurassic Complex of the Mesozoic-Cenozoic cover, Northern West Siberian Plate
11. Influence of Traps on the Petroleum Potential Sedimentary Basins with Intense Trap Mag Matism
12. The Paleozonic and Triassic Petroleum of the Central Regions of West Siberia
13. Map of Distribution of Physicochemical Properties of Oils in West Siberia
14. Prediction of Petroleum Accumulation Zones in the Vendian and Lower Cambrian Subsalt Carbonate Deposits of the Central Parts of the Siberian Platform
15. Geochemistry of Gasolines from the West Siberian Oils
16. The Present-Day Features of Russia's Petroleum Complex Functioning
17. Kovkta and Upper Chona Fields in the Wendian Terrigenous Deposits of the Siberian Platform
18. Carbonate Sedimentation in the Riphean Basins of Eastern Siberia
19. Introduction of Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development
20. Introduction of Institute of Petroleum Geology, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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