Taxonomic and Faunistic Studies on the Superfamily Calopterygoidea from China (Odonata: Zygoptera)(Ebook)


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Author: Zhou Zhonghui
Language: Chinese with English summary
2007; Soft Cover; 89 pages

Abstract: The present disseration is a systematic study on the superfamily Calopterygoidea from China. It mainly deals with the morphology, taxonomy and faunal analysis of the Chinese Calopterygoidea. Totally 4 families, 20 genera and 84 species are treated in the taxonomic part, of which 2 new species and 1 first female record are described; 1 new combination is proposed as well. The new taxa are listed as follows:New species: Mnais leigongshanus sp.nov., Bayadera unimaculata sp.nov..New combination: Rhinocypha maolanensis (Zhou and Bao,2002) comb.nov..First female record: Rhinocypha maolanensis (Zhou and Bao,2002) comb.nov..The faunal structures of the Chinese Calopterygoidea at generic and specific levels were examined. 20 known genera only constitute 3 types of distribution in Zoogeographic regions in the world. Among them, 12 genera are distributed in Oriental region, which make up 60%, while 7 genera in Oriental + Palaearctic region, accounting for 35%. 20 genera in total distribute in Oriental region, accounting for 100%. It is clear that Oriental genera make up the majority of the Chinese Calopterygoidea at genera level.84 known species of Chinese Calopterygoidea are mainly distributed in Oriental region, in which the number of species makes up 83.33% of Chinese species in total. All the known species constitute 16 types of distribution in seven Chinese Zoogeographic sub-regions. Among them, 16 species are present only in Central China sub-regions, 15 in South China sub-regions , 10 in Central China + South China sub-regions, 9 in Southwest China sub-regions, 9 in Southwest China + South China sub-regions, 8 in Central China + South China + Southwest China sub-regions, accounting for 19.05%, 17.86%, 11.90%, 10.71%, 10.71% and 9.52%, respectively. It is obvious that Oriental species make up the majority of Chinese Calopterygoidea at species level and they distribute mainly in Central China and South China sub-regions.

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