Technical Manual on Asian Tropical Bamboo Shoots Production Processing and Marketing


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Author: Jiang Zehui
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787503859922
Published on: 2010-11
Soft Cover

Technical Manual on Asian Tropical Bamboo Shoots Production Processing and Marketing,《亚洲热带竹笋培育生产加工销售技术手册(英文版)》由中国国家林业局国际竹藤网络中心、中国林科院亚热带林业研究所、国际竹藤组织、孟加拉国林业研究所、斯里兰卡工业技术研究所、中国福建永安市绿健食品有限公司等单位专家编写,汇集了当前笋用竹培育、竹笋生产加工和销售先进实用技术,体现了科学性和实用性的统一,可供有关科研、教学、生产科技人员使用。相信本手册的出版可对亚洲热带竹产区和世界其它地区笋用竹林培育和竹笋产业的发展,起到有益的指导、参考和促进作用。

Chapter 1 Tropical bamboo shoots cultivation
1 Distribution of Bamboo Resources
1.1 Bamboo Resources in the World
1.1.1 Asia and Pacific Bamboo Region
1.1.2 America Bamboo Region
1.1.3 Africa Bamboo Region
1.1.4 Europe and North America Introduced Region
1.2 Bamboo Resources in China
1.2.1 Bamboo Region between Yellow River and Yangtze River
1.2.2 Bamboo Region between Yangtze River and Nanling Range
1.2.3 Bamboo Region in South China
1.2.4 Bamboo Region in High Mountainous Region in Southwest
2 Biological Basis in Tropic Bamboo Cultivation
2.1 Characteristics and Functions
2.1.1 Nutritious Components
2.1.2 Reproductive Organ
2.2 Growth Characteristics
2.3 Growth and Environment
3 Nursery Techniques of Sympodial Bamboo
3.1 Nursery Site Preparation
3.2 Nursery Season
3.3 Nursery Techniques
3.3.1 Raising with Seeds
3.3.2 Raising With Branch Cutting
3.3.3 Raising with Buried Culms
3.3.4 Ground Layering
3.4 Nursery Management
4 Afforestation Techniques of Sympodial Bamboo Shoot Stands
4.1 Site Selection
4.2 Site Preparation
4.3 Planting Season
4.4 Planting Methods
4.4.1 Afforestation with Transferred Mother Culms
4.4.2 Afforestation with Transferred Seedlings
4.4.3 Afforestation with Buried Internodes or Branch Cutting
4.4.4 Density of First Planting
5 Young Stands Cultivation Techniques of Tropical Bamboo Shoot
5.1 Water Management
5.2 Intercropping
5.3 Weeding and Soil-loosening
5.4 Fertilizing
5.5 Keeping Shoots and Protecting Bamboos
5.6 Pest and Disease Control
5.7 Damage by wild animals and their control
6 Efficient Tending Techniques of Sympodial Bamboo Shoot Stands
6.1 Soil and Fertilizer Management
6.1.1 Raking to dry in the sun
6.1.2 Fertilizing
6.1.3 Shoot Cultivating
6.1.4 Irrigating
6.1.5 Intertilling and Weeding
6.2 Structure Adjustment
6.2.1 Interclump Density
6.2.2 Innerclump Density
6.2.3 Age Structure of Mother Culms
6.3 Technique of Shoot Harvesting and Culm Retaining
7 Cultivation Techniques of Major Sympodial Bamboo Shoot Species
7.1 Dendrocalamus latiflorus Munro
7.1.1 Nursery Techniques
7.1.2 Afforestation Techniques
7.1.3 Management of Young Stands
7.1.4 Management of Mature Stand
7.2 Dendrocalamus oldhami (Munro) Keng f.
7.2.1 Nursery Techniques
7.2.2 Afforestation Techniques
7.2.3 Nursery of Young Stands
7.2.4 Management of Mature Stands
Chapter 2 Bamboo tissue culture
1 Protocol for Sympodial Bamboo Tissue Culture
1.1 Selection of Explants
1.2 Preparation of Medium
1.3 Conditions for Cultivation
1.4 Manipulation of Bamboo Tissue Culture
1.4.1 Bamboo Tissue Culture by Using Stems
1.4.2 Bamboo Tissue Culture by Using Maternal Embryo
2 Design of a bamboo Tissue Culture Laboratory
2.1 General Laboratory
2.2 Aseptic Manipulation Area
2.3 Culture Area
2.3.1 Temperature Control
2.3.2 Light Supply
2.3.3 Humidity Regulation
2.3.4 Design of Shelves
Chapter 3 Bamboo shoots processing, packaging and marketing
1.1 Nutritive Value
1.2 Hygienic and Pharmaceutical Value
1.3 Types of Bamboo Shoots
1.3.1 By Growing Seasons
1.3.2 By Size
1.3.3 By Processing
1.3.4 By Packaging Methods
1.3.5 By Flavor Feature
1.4 Canned/packaged Bamboo Shoots
2 Storage and preservation of fresh bamboo shoots
3 Processing of canned bamboo shoots
3.1 Production techniques of canned moso bamboo shoots
3.1.1 Demand of raw material
3.1.2 Technical process
3.2 Processing techniques of canned Dendrocalamopsis bamboo
3.2.1 Requirement raw material
3.2.2 Technical process
3.3 Processing of sour bamboo shoots
3.4 Soft packaged bamboo shoot
3.5 Processing Equipment
3.5.1 Can seaming machine
3.5.2 Manual sealing clamp
3.5.3 Vacuum packing machine
3.5.4 Air-venting machine
3.5.5 Stainless steel double layered pot
3.5.6 High-pressure retort
3.5.7 Slicing machine
3.5.8 Metal detector
3.5.9 Other tools
3.6 Input requirements
4 GMP for Bamboo Shoot Processing
5 Market Potential and Marketing Strategy
5.1 Market Potential
5.2 Marketing strategy
1. Code of Practice for the Cultivation of Dendrocalamus latiflorus Munro for Shoot Production (Draft)
2. Suggested List of Bamboo for Shoot Production in Asian South Sub-tropical and Tropical Areas
3. Proposed Draft Standard for Canned/Packaged Bamboo Shoots
4. Cost Estimation and Equipment List of a Canned Shoot Factory USD
5. Glossary
6. Abbreviations

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