Tectonic Characteristics and Petroleum Tarim Basin China

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Author: Jia Chengzao
Language: English
Published on: 1997-01

A multidiscipline systematic study is performed by a team of 150 personnel from CNPC, Chinese Academy of Sciences and several universities. The scope includes basin analysis, plate tectonic, relationship of basin and nearby mountain belts, deep structure and geophysical fields, tectonic history, petroleum traps and place, the controlling factor of tectonic to petroleum accumulation. Modern concepts and methods are taken in consideration. This book is the summary of "Tectonic Characteristics" project under "petroleum Resource of Tarim Basin", a national key project, the product of teamwork and effort.

1.Tectonic elements and Stratigraphy of Tarim basin;
2.Geographical field and deep structure characters of Tarim Basin;
3. Tectonic Characteristics of Tarim Plate;
4.Tectonics and evolution of Tarim Basin;
5. Structural characters of Intracratonicpaleo uplifts;
6. Foreland basin and Thrust belt;
7.Tectonics and Petroleum Accumulation.

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