Tectonic Types of Oil and Gas Basins in China

中国含油气盆地构造类型(Second Edition)

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Author: Li Desheng
Language: English
Published on: 2003-01

1. Cenozoic Rifts of Eastern China
(1) Outline of Tectonic History in China
(2) Geodynamic Evolutions of Eastern Chna Cenozoic Rifts
(3) Eastern China Cenozoic Rift Basins
2. Mesozoic Rifts of Northeastern China
(1) Regional Geology and Tectonic Regime
(2) Tectonic Features of Northeastern China Basins
3. The Basins of Central China
(1) Regional Geology and Tectonic regime
(2) Tectonic Features of the basins of Central China
4. The Basins of Northwest China
(1) Outline Tectonics of Northwestern China
(2) Geodynamic Evolutions
(3) Basin Types
(4) Petroleum Geology of Basins in Northwest China
5. On Oil and Gas Potentials of China
(1) Basic Geological Condition of the Basins in China
(2) Oil and Gas Resources of China
(3) Oil and Gas Resources Challenges for China
6. Recent Advances in the Petroleum Geology of China
(1) Non-marine Facies Hydrocarbon Accumulations
(2) Tectonic Types of Oil/Gas Basin in China
(3) Facies Models of Mesozoic-Cenozoic Lacustrine Deposits
(4) Composite Megastructural Oil and Gas Traps
(5) Buried-Hill Oil and Gas Traps
(6) Coal-Genetic Hydrocarbons
(7) Exploration of Palaeozoic Marine Sediments
(8) The Significant Oil and Gas Discoveries in Foreland Thrust Belts of China
7. References
8. Acknowledgement

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