Tectonics of China -Proceedings of the 1995 Annual confernce of Tectonics (out of print)

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Author: Wu Zhengwen and Chai Yucheng
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7116021957
Published on: 1996-01

Twenty six papers from the conference about tectonics of China are included in the book. The collection reflects the highest study level of tectonics of China, including the formation and evolution of orgenic belts in different time, basins tectonic, strike-slip faults, precambrian tectonics, the tectonic settings of high pressure rock, and the association between orogenic belt and basin, etc. Although the papers are relatively short, them fully express the basic argument and valid reasons of the authors.

Therefore, the readers can understand the main features of some tectonic units belts of China, and further comprehend the studied idea, methods and obtained results by the tectonic and structural geologists of China.

Obviously, the collection is useful for the foreign colleagues being concerning and wanting to understand the tectonics development in China

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