The 1st China International Conference Proceedings on Coal Mine Gas Control & Utilization(October 26-27, 2005, Beijing,P.R.China)


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Author: State Administration of Work Safety
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7502027696
Published on: 2005-01

The Conference has successively received by now 45 these, covering the following 6 aspects which are: relative policy and legislation on coal mine gas control and utilization, coal mine gas and dust exploration prevention and techniques, coal and gas outburst prevention and techniques, coal mine gas drainage and monitoring techniques, coal mine safety management, education and training, and coal bed methane development and gas utilization. These theses comprehensively introduce to us relative policy and legislation, techniques and experiences, and development management system of the world main coal producing countries at present in the field of coal mine gas control and utilization, and they are no doubt of vital importance and great value for reference and utilization for areas of China’s current coal mine gas control and utilization, as well as further improving China’s coal mine safety.

Session 1 Policy and Legislation on Coal Mine Gas Control and Utilization
1.Improving Performance: Safety as a Strategic Business Value
2.Practice and Experience of Coalbed Methane Extraction and Utilization in Jincheng Coal Mine
3.Tailor Made Solutions for the Utilization of Mine Gas
4.Discussion about the Problem of Coal Mine Safety Code in China

Session 2 Coal Mine Gas and Dust Explosion Prevention Techniques
1.Airflow Control During Mine Disasters
2.Gas Control and Utilization Technology Applied to Ensure the Coal Mine Safety
3.Modern Technology for Coal Preparation Made in Germany
4.Methane Explosion Threats in Polish Coal Mines-Experiences and Prevention
5.Advancing Technical Innovation for a Safer Gas Management in an All-round Way
6.An Analysis of Methane and Coal Dust Ignitions and Explosions Arisen in Polish Hard Coal Mines in the Years 2002-2005

Session 3 Coal and Gas Outburst Prevention Techniques
1.Prevention and Control of Coal and Gas Burst in China Coal Mines
2.System Development on the Professional Prediction of Coal-Gas-Outburst
3.Comprehensive Gas Treatment Technology and Management in Huainan Mining Area
4.Application of Gas Drainage Techniques in Tunlan Coal Mine of Gujiao Mining Area
5.Improving Mine Safety in China-Advanced Drilling Technology
6.Technology of Identification of Deformed Soft Coal Using Well Log An Approach to the Regional Prediction of Coal and Gas Outburst in Coalmine
7.Prdiction of Geological Conditions of Coal Gas Hazzards and Geophysical Detection Technologies

Session 4 Coal Mine Gas Drainage and Monitoring Techniques
1.Technical Research and Utilization of Gas Drainage at the Goaf in the Gassy Mines
2.Methane Drainage Technology in China Coal Mines
3.The Methane Drainage Technology in Retreat Longwall Faces
4.Pitfalls in Gas Content Determination for Coal Mine Methane and Coal-bed Methane
5.Advancing Mine Safety and Energy Production Through Coal-bed Methane Production
6.Current Situation of Methane Drainage and Utilization in the German Hard Coal Mining Industry in Particular of the Saar Region
7.The Research on Gas Suction in the Coal Seam Roof by the Long Drill Method along the Strike of Annular Fracture Areas
8.A Study on Large Diameter Borehole Gas Drainage & Technology

Session 5 Coal Mine Safety Management, Education and Training
1.Internet System for Coal Mine Gas Control, Accident Prevention and Safety Administration
2.Criteria of Safety and Principles of Methane Prevention in Mining Areas with High Concentration of Production
3.Coalmine Methane Control Technology of Poland and Its Enlightenment to China’s Safety Mining
4.Analysis on How to Improve Coal Mine Safety Training
5.Improving Safety and Business Performance in the Coal Mining Industry by Breaking Down the Barriers
6.Safety Issues for Underground Coal Mines Specific to CSM Operations
7.Systems of Fighting Against Methane Threat in Coal Mines
8.Mine Gas Initiative NRW-Interdisciplinary Platform for Energy Production, Mine Safety and Climate Protection
9.Mining Education & Training: A UK Perspective
10.Safe and Efficient Production in German Hard Coal Mines
11.Mine Safety Issues and Efficient Methods to Control and Manage Mine Safety in German Hard Coal Industry
12.Behaviour Based Safety-Best Practice

Session 6 Coal Bed Methane Development and Gas Utilization
1.Present Situation and Prospects of CBM Industry in China
2.Research on Coalbed Methane Power Generation Techniques
3.Energy Production from Coal Mine Gas
4.The Economics of CMM-Fired Power Plants
5.Management of Coal Mine Gas and Its Effective Utilization in Japan
6.Management and Utilization of Control ling Bed Methane in Anglo Coal Australia

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