The 4th Australia-China-Japan Joint Symposium on Iron and Steelmaking


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Author: Luo Zhiguo/Zou zongshu
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
ISBN/ISSN: 9787551704755
Published on: 2013-11


Session 1 General Topics 
Integrated Experimental and Modelling Research Methodology for the Characterisation of Thermodynamic and Physico—Chemical Properties in Metallurgical Slags 
JFE Steel's Recent Development of Ironmaking Technology 
Progress and Achievements of Cokemaking Industry in China— Solid Foundation of Iron and Steel Industry 
Session 2 Raw Material Preparation 
Analysing Sintering Performance by Data Mining 
Nondestructive Analysis of Coke with/without Iron Catalyst Using μ—X—ray CT 
Relationship between Coke Properties and Solution Loss Behavior and Its Influence on Post Reaction Strength of Coke 
Effects of CaC1z on Sinter RDI and Coke CSR 
Chemistry, Structure and Quality of Iron Ore Sinter 
Strength, Micro—Strength and Microstructure of Carbonaceous Materials 
Simultaneous Characterization of Coke Microstructure and Mineralogy 
Carbothermic Reduction Behavior of Iron Oxide/Carbon Composite under High Pressure 
Study on Sintering Solid Fuels Optimal Particle Size 
Thermal Analysis Kinetics of Graphite—CO2/H20 Gasification 
Discussion about Operation Technology of Low Fuel Ratio of Meigang Blast Furnace 
Effect of Coke Micro—Textural and Basic Metal Oxide on Coke Strength Characteristics 
Session 3 Ironmaking 
Distribution Behavior of Phosphorus during Smelting Reduction of Steel Slag in Iron Bath 
Effects of Mineral Oxides on the Precipitation Micro—Morphology of Metallic Iron in the Reduction of Iron Oxides under CO Atmosphere 
Viscosities of Blast Furnace Slags 
An Overview of CFD Studies of Pulverized Coal Injection in Blast Furnace 
Discrete Particle Simulation of Gas—Solid Flow in an Ironmaking Blast Furnace 
Thermodynamic Study on Solid Direct Reduction Process of Chromite 
Discussion on the Feasibility of Coke—Oven Gas Used in the Shaft Furnace 
Study on the Effect of Caustic Calcined Magnesite to Quality of Green—Pellets 
Reduction Kinetics of Carbon—Containing Bayan Obo Ore Pellets 
Effect of Chute Angle on Pile Structure under the Mixing Charging 
Design and Maintenance of Prolonging the Campaign Life of Baosteel No.3BF 
Study on the Direct Reduction of Nickel Laterite and Separation Mechanism of Direct Reduction of Nickel—Ore 
Thermodynamics Behavior of Vanadium in the Chlorination Process of Vanadium—Bearing Titanomagnetite 
Session 4 Steelmaking 
Modelling of Supersonic Oxygen Jet Injection inside Steelmaking Furnace 
Preventing Rephosphorization during Tapping in BOF Steelmaking 
The Characteristics of Air Gap Formation between Slab Mold Copper Plate and Solidifying Shell during Continuous Casting of Peritectic Steel 
An Experimental Study on Silicon—Aluminum Complex Deoxidization of Titanium Bearing Ultra—Pure Ferritic Stainless Steel 
Microstructural Evolution of Simulated Coarse—Grained Heat—Affected Zone of New HSLA Q690D 
Model Study on Inclusion Coagulation in Liquid Steel with Large Difference in Initial Particle Sizes 
Change in Inclusions after Mg Deoxidation Process 
Researches on the Evaluation of Surface Defects of Cold—Rolled IF Sheet 
Physical Chemistry of A1—Ti Deoxidation Reaction of Molten Iron and Formed Inclusions 
Effcet of Calcium Treatment on Low Carbon A1—Killed Steel in CSP Process 
Capillary Refining of Iron Alloys by Porous CaO with Molten Slag 
Study on Periodic Fluctuation of CC Slab Mould Level 
Effect of Agitation on Crystallization of Calcium Silicate Based Slags 
The Slag Melting Characteristic and its Recycling Use Effects for BOF Less Slag Smelting 
Development and Application of Online Mold Monitor System 
Microstructural Modification of Q345D Steel by Air—Cooling Solidification in Different Time 
Thermodynamic Research of MnS Precipitation in the Process of the Slab Continuous Cast 
Thermodynamic Study on Precipitation Behavior of Inclusions in 09CuPCrNi Steel with Rare Earth during Solidification 
BOF End—Point Prediction Model Based on Nonlinear Homotopic BI Algorithm 
Occurrence State of Niobium and Titanium in High Pure Ferritic Stainless Steel 
Aging Behavior of Boron Beating Low Carbon Steel with Various Copper Contents 
Mold Flux Design in Terms of Crystallization Control 
Session 5 Other Topics 
The Research on Granulation of Gas Quenching Steel Slag by Numerical Simulation 
Study on Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steel Bars for Bridges 
The Influence of Dioxin Reduction on Sintering Exhaust Gas Chemical Composition with Adding Urea 
CFD Modelling of Slag Atomisation by Spinning Disc 
Combustion Synthesis of b—SiA1ON 
The Research on the Effect of Cooling Rate on Isothermal Crystallization Kinetic of C2 S in Gas Quenchil Steel Slag 
Experimental and Calculation Analysis on Characteristics of Combustion Jets 
The Influence of the Dispersion of the Caking Component by Coal Selective Crushing on Coke Strength

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