The Archaean Geology and Banded Iron Formation of Jidong, Hebei Province(Geological Memoirs) (Series I, No.6)


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Author: Zhang Yixiao,Ye Tingsong,Yan Hongquan,Zheng Songyan , Duan Changqing et al
Language: Chinese with English summary
Published on: 1986-01

The Jidong Archaean Block , approximately 9500 km2 in area, is exposed at the northern margin of the North China Platform, in East Hebei Province. It consists of Early Precambrian high and low-grade metamorphic rocks, both rich in Banded Iron Formations(BIF). With the aim of discovering more iron and other ores, investigation in this district has been resumed in recent years by a research group composes of members from the Changchun College of Geology and Hebei Provincial Bureau of Geology. New data gained from this work may lead to a deeper understanding of the Lithogenesis, regimes of structural deformation, formation of BIF, and early evolutionary history of an old continental block.

I Tectonics
II Petrology
III Stratigraphy
IV Metamorphic Iron Formation Belts
V Charater and Origin of Banded Iron Formation
VI Crustal Evolution of the Jidong Archaean Block
Summary and Recommendations

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