The Atlas of Population, Environment and Sustainable Development of China

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Author: Institute of Geography, Chinese academy of Sciences
Language: English
2000; Hardcover;280x400mm;251

The book is a large scale interdisciplinary atlas showing the basic characteristics and spatial distribution of population, environment, and sustainable development of China. It offers a large collection of data and provides analysis of much scientific research in the form of maps, graphs and text. It gives a systematic and comprehensive rendering of the current situation in China, as regards regional distribution, major achievements and planning targets of various aspects of population, environment and sustainable development.

The atlas has nine series of maps, 184 maps, and over 270 pages of Atlas. The contents of these nine series of maps are as follows:

1.Introductory maps (4 maps)
2.Population and health (33 maps)
3.Population distribution, housing and consumption levels.(14 maps)
4.Land, solid wastes and noise pollution (17 maps)
5.Forests, grassland and biodiversity (27 maps)
6.Freshwater , ocean and water pollution (21 maps)
7.Atmosphere and Air pollution (27 maps)
8.Women and Development (13 maps)
9.Regional sustainable development (28 maps)
Basic data used in the Atlas includes survey and research results on
population growth, environmental protection, public health, and economic
and social development, the main sources are as follows:

(1) Four national population censuses and the 1995 One-Percent population
sample survey.
(2) Data on environment quality
(3) Health statistics.
(4) Economic statistics.
(5) Some Special reports.

The atlas has a wide range of readers. It is an important reference document for understanding the national conditions of China and for further study of the country's population, environment and sustainable development. It may provide useful information for policy-makers, raw material for scientific studies by educational and research departments, and background information for publicity campaigns aimed at raising awareness about the need for sustainable development.


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