The Beauty of Chinese Vernacular Dwellings


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Author: Sun Dazhang|
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787112141944
Published on: 2013-08

This work is subject to copyright.All rights are reserved, whether the whole or partof the material is concerned, specifically the rights of translation, reprinting, reuse ofillustrations, recitation, broadcasting, reproduction on microfilms or in other ways, andstorage in data bases.For any kind of use, permission of the copyright owner must beobtained.


Introduction to the Aesthetics of Vernacular Dwellings
Ⅰ.Aesthetics and Architectural Aesthetics
Ⅱ.Beauty in Form
Ⅲ.Blending of Arts
Ⅳ.Aesthetic Exhibition of Vernacular Dwellings
Ⅴ.Aesthetic Characters of Vernacular Dwellings
Part One The Beauty of Environment
Ⅰ.Natural Landscape
Ⅱ.Landscape Conforming to the Terrain
Ⅲ.Artificial Landscape
Part Two The Beauty of Settlement Groups
Ⅰ.Unified Style
Ⅱ.Prominent Points
Ⅲ.Changes of Access
Ⅳ.Cluster Architecture
Part Three The Beauty of Forms
Ⅰ.Unique Appearance
Ⅱ.Varied Courtyards
Ⅲ.Balanced Form
Ⅳ.Variations of Roofing
Part Four The Beauty of Gates
Ⅰ.Alhambresque Gate
Ⅱ.House-style gate
Ⅲ.Pylon-style gate
Ⅳ.In-wall gate
Ⅴ.Gate of inner court
Ⅵ.Screen wall
Part Five The Beauty of Structures
Ⅰ.Post and lintel construction
Ⅱ.Inserted beam construction
Ⅲ.Column and tie construction
Ⅳ.Dense horizontal purlin construction
Part Six The Beauty of Materials
Ⅰ.The application of technique
Ⅱ.Configuration comparison
Ⅲ.Fine processing
Ⅳ.Rare materials
Part Seven The Beauty of Finishes
Ⅰ.Latt-ice Patterns
Ⅱ.Special Windows
Ⅲ.Internal Partitions
Part Eight The Beauty of Decorations
Ⅰ.Wood Carving
Ⅱ.Brick carving
Ⅲ.Stone Carving
Ⅳ.Colored patterns
Ⅴ.Colored drawing
Ⅵ.Plaster floral decoration
Ⅶ.Plaster and ceramic molding
Ⅷ.Decoration with Chinese Characters
Ⅹ.Living Colors
Part Nine The Beauty of Beliefs
Ⅰ.Ancestral Temples
Ⅱ.Memorial Arches
Ⅲ.Niches and Family Halls for Worshipping Buddha
Ⅳ.Worship Objects
Part Ten The Beauty of Furniture and Furnishings
Ⅰ.Style of Furniture
Ⅱ.Sets of Furniture
Ⅲ.Arrangement of Furnishings  

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