The Coal-Bearing Strata and Fossils of Late Permian from Guangtung


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Author: Hou Hongfei
Language: Chinese
Published on: 1979-01

1. Preface
2. Division and correlation of coal-bearing strata of Late Permian
(1) Brief history of Study
(2) Stratigraphic distribution and its principle characteristics
(3) Unified regional classification of stratigraphy
(4) Boundary between the Lower and Upper Permian
(5) Litho-stratigraphic descriptions
(6) Correlation of the Late Permian of Guangtung
(7) Characteristics of the Principle fossil assmblages
3. Descriptions of fossils
(1) Fusulinid
(2) Brachiopoda
(3) Ammonoid
(4) Palaeobotany
4. Reference
5. Plate and Explanations

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