The Kobresia Meadow of China


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Author: Zhou Xingmin
Language: Chinese
Published on: 2001-01

1. Introduction
2. Ecological Conditions Affecting Kobresia Meadow
3. Flora Traits and Distribution of Kobresia Meadow
4. Ecological Features and Life History Types of Plants Composing
Kobresia Meadow
5. Main Types and Their Distribution Patterns of Kobresia Meadow
6. Niche of Major Plant Populations in Kobresia Meadow
7. Reproductive Strategy of Major Plant Populations in Kobresia Meadow
8. Biomass and Productive Mechanism of Kobresia Meadow
9. Structure and Decomposition of Microorganisms in Kobresia Meadow
10. Energy Flow Principles in Kobresia Meadow Ecosystem
11. Soil Nutrition and Substance Cycle of Kobresia Meadow
12. Reasonable Utilization and Sustainable Livestock Husbandry
Development of Kobresia Meadow
13. Refrences
14. List of Plant Species (Chinese-Latin)
15. List of Plant Species (Latin-Chinese)

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