The Living Species and Their Illustrations in China’s Seas ( in Two Parts, Ten volumes)


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Author: By the Editorial Committee
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
Published on: 2012-01

- Part 1 Entitled “The Living Species in China’s Seas” ( In two Volumes)
- Part 2 Entiled  “An Illustrated Guide to Species in China’s Seas  ( In Eight Volumes)

Part 1 is the in-depth continuation of "Marine Species and Their Distribution in China’s Seas " (first publishes in 1994), its English edition and the revised and improved edition published in 2008. The total number of species report has increased to more than 28000,with the original Chinese name ,scientific name authority,geographical distribution and references provided for each species.Also in this version,the date of first description and the English common name adopted by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Orgnanisation are reported,together with a plate number ofcross-referencing with part 2.

Part 2 presents colour plates and line drawings of the morphological and selected ecological habit at illustrations of 18000 species , with a total of 25000 species Twenty –eight hundred illustrations describe organisms form prokaryotic kingdom to animal kingdom.To facilitate identification and taxonomic research , distinguishing features including colouration and morphology of each species are highlighted ,while consideration is also given to overall presentation and economy of space . Separate page and plate numbering as well as indices to scientific name of genus and Chinese names of species are provided in each of the eight volumes to aid searches.

This comprehensive book is comprehensive and high scientific and practical values. All marine species recorded from China’s Seas by the national and international literature since the 19th century have been incorporated , while effort is made to remove fossil species. Taxonomic arrangement follows the popular five –kingkom approach; Taxonomic units adopted below kingdom or phylum are result of considered decisions based on the views of the respective authorities , with particular reference to the issues of continuity and stability of nomenclature .This book strives to be a valuable asset to species identification and taxonomy ,ecological research ,as well as personnel involved in environmental protection , foreign trade and quarantine work

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