The Majestic Earth - a selection of Earth Resources Satellite Images


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Author: China Remote Sendsing Satellite Ground Station
Language: Chinese
Published on: 1999-01

This atlas includes : optical TM images (30m resolution); ERS-1/2 (30m resolution ), JERS-1(18m resolution), and Canadian RADARSAT microwave remote sensing images. The total number of images is about 60. With this atlas , you cannot but enjoy attactive scenarios of fabulous moutains and waters of Guilin; mysterious areas of the Tanggula Mountain, covered by snow all the year round; Toianya-Haijiao far away in the south ; majestic Tianchi north in the Changbai Mountains; Loess Plateau in Northwest China; Region of Jiangsu Provice south to Changjiang River, abundant in fish and rice; Changes of the mouth of the Huanghe River, resulted in by sedimentation of mud and sand; magnificant scenarios of Hukou and Longmen at upper the Huanghe River; areas north to the Great Wall, reflecting events in the ancient past: desolate Gobi desert, and also regions around the Poyang Lake, to the south of the Changjiang River, where you can wander and enjoy scenery of the lake and fields. Compiled in this atlas are also part of images of the countries around China, falling within the footprints of the coverages of CRSGS, such as Seoul and Chejudo island in R.O.Korea, Vladivostock in Russia, Haiphong in Vietnam.

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