The Mesozoic Volcamic-intrusive Complexes and Their Metallogenic Relations in East China

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Author: Wang Dezi & Ren Qijiang
Language: English
Published on: 1996-01

This book is a systematic summarization of the Mesozoic volcanic-intrusive complexes in East China and their matallogenic relations based on the research work by the authors for many years. The time and space distribution of these volcanic rocks in East China is introduced, followed by a classification of high-potash calc-alkaline series and shoshonite series for the volcanics and a discussion on their origins and tectonic settings. One important distinctive feature of this book is to combine genetically the volcanic rocks with the granitic rocks. On the basis of the uniformity of time, space and material source, it is proved that the vocanic-intrusive complexes not only exist but also widely distribute in this area. According to their geochemical characteristics, volcanic-intrusive complexes ccan be divided into syntexis type and continental crust remelting type, which also have different metallogenic characteristics. Several typical examples of volcanic-intrusive complexes and volcanogenic ore deposits are enumerated in this book, and the mechnisms of volcanism and ore-formation are clarified theoretically. This book provides comprehensive information of mesozoic rocks and related metallogeny in east China. It is also useful for the comparative study on the Mesozoic volcanism and related mineral resources in the circum-pacific regions.

Chapter 1. Geological Setting Of Mesozoic Volcanic Rocks In East China;
Chapter 2. The Spatial And Temporal Distribution Of Mesozoic Volcanic Rocks In East China;
Chapter 3. The Formation And Evolution Of Mesozoic Rock Series In East China;
Chapter 4. Mesozoic volcanic-instrusive complexes in East China;
Chapter 5. The Metallogeny Of Ore Deposits Related To Mesozoic Volcanic-Instrusive Complex In East China;
Chapter 6. The Tin and Uranium Deposits Of Continental Crust Remelting Type Volcanic-Instrusive Complexes;
Chapter 7. Copper-Gold Deposits Related to Syntexis Type of Volcanic Rocks.

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