The Names and Classification of Common Plants in Zhuang


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Author: Meng Yuanyao
Language: English
Published on: 2006-01
Soft Cover

The Names and Classification of Common Plants in Zhuang
Text Language: English
Author: Meng Yuanyao
Pub. Date: 2006
185x260 mm 351 pages, softcover

Chapter 1 Introduction
 1.1 Aims and Scope of This Book
 1.2 Theoretical Foundations
 1.3 Early History, the Language and Its Speakers, and Geographic Setting
 1.4 Zhuang Cultural Beliefs
 1.5 Zhuang Botanical Studies: A Brief Overview
 1.6 Fieldwork
 1.7 Structure of the Book
Chapter 2 Zhuang Ethnobotanical Nomenclature: Preliminaries
Chapter 3 Farming and Food
Chapter 4 Grains and Other Crops in Zhuang Areas
Chapter 5 Vegetables
Chapter 6 Poisonous and Medicinal Plants
Chapter 7 Special Plants
Chapter 8 Bamboo
Chapter 9 Conclusion
Appendix 1 The Sounds of Mashan Zhuang
Appendix 2 Zhuang Songs
Appendix 3 The Story of the Snail Girl
Appendix 4 Table of Plant Names
Appendix 5 Figures

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