The Palaeontology and Sedimentarv Environment of the Sinian System in Emei Ganluo Area , Sichuan (second hand)

四川峨眉-甘洛地区 震旦纪地层古生物及沉积环境

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Author: Yin Jicheng, Ding Lianfang & He Tinggui
Language: Chinese with English summary
1980; Paperback;185x260 mm;268 pages

This work presents the results of a synthetical study on the stratigraphic division and the boundary between Sinian and Cambrian in Emei-Ganluo region, Sichuan province. The study has been done by the research party of Sinian System of Chengdu Geological College with the helps of the other fraternal units. The work consists of ten sections.

Table of Contents


General discussion
Description of sections
1)The section in Emei County
2)The section in Leshan County
3)The section in Ebian County
4)The Section Suxiong – Lianghong in Ganlo County
5)The section Daqiao in Ganlo County
Stratigraphycal characteristics
1)The Sinian System
2)The Lower series of the Cambrian System
The features of fossil assemblages
2)Fossil algae
3)Hyolithids and the other zooliths
Sedimentary environments
1)The sedimentary environment of the early Sinian
2)The sedimentary environment from the late Sinian to early Cambrian
The position of Sinian System in the geological time scale
Mathematical statistic analysis
The top and the bottom boundary of the Sinian System and its subdivisions
1)The bottom boundary of the Sinian System
2)The subdivisions of the Sinian System
3)The top boundary of the Sinian System
The correlation of the Sinian System
The description of the fossils
2)Fossil algae
3)Hyolithids and the other zooliths
Plates and their explanation


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