The Party and World Dialogue 2014-China s New Reforms:The Role of the Party-2014


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Language: Chinese
ISBN/ISSN: 9787511727190
Published on: 2015-07

《2014中国共产党与世界对话集:中国改革执政党的角色(英文版)》为“2014中国共产党与世界对话会”会议讨论的文字实录,内容围绕中国改革的特色与共性、改革的舆论监督、没有零和博弈之结果的竞争等主题。与会者热烈讨论了改革背景、决策制定与执行过程、中国新一轮改革以及中国共产党的责任与角色等问题。  《2014中国共产党与世界对话集:中国改革执政党的角色(英文版)》真实纪录了各国政要、学者对中国改革及中国共产党的探讨,在对话中突出了多元的视角,具有深刻的实践指导意义与理论研究价值。 

Preface China's New Reforms: The Role of the Party——The Party and the World Dialogue 2014(Sept 2nd-8th, 2014)Opening Ceremony and Plenary SessionPanel I China's Reforms: Particularities vs.CommonalitiesPanel II China's Reforms: Consensus upoPluralityPanel III China's Reforms: Competitiowithout Zero-sum OutcomeWrap-up and Closing Ceremony Reform and Development: Responsibility and Role of the Ruling Parties

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