The Scale Insects of the forest and fruit trees in Shanxi of China


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Author: Xie Yingping
Language: Chinese with English summary
ISBN/ISSN: 7503819944
Published on: 1998-02
Soft Cover

This book includes elementary knowledge about the scale insects and the discussion on the natural conditions, the resources of forest and fruit trees and the fauna of scale insects in Shanxi. And 122 species are recorded, of which 14 species are found as new ones in science or are as the local unique species in the Province. The important 5 families including 35 genera and 71 species are accounted in detail. Their origin, distribution, morphology, biology, population dynamic, occurrence regulation, destructivity, and the control techniques are given. The relationship between environmet pollution an some scale insects outbreak is discussed by author's teaching, science research and guiding productive practice in past ten years. A great deal of information is from the first-hand material and the newest achievement of the author. In addition, it also drawed some new knowledge about coccidology from both China and the world. 64 morphological figures, 48 ecological photographs and some 8 diagrams and 23 tables are given in the works.

1. Preface
2. Introduction about scale insects
3. The natural conditions, resources of the forests and fruit trees and the scale insects in Shanxi Province
4. Margarodidae
5. Coccidiae
6. Pseudococcidae
7. Eriococcidae
8. References
9. Photographs

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