The Sinian – Cambrian Boundary in Eastern Yunnan, China

云南东部震旦系 – 寒武系界线

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Author: Yunnan Institute of Geological Sciences
Language: Chinese with English abstract
Published on: 1982-01

Studies of the Sinian-Cambrian boundary in this region have been done more than 40 years. Different points of view have been reported. From 1978 on, during our studying on the stressed Meishucun and Wangjiawan sections, we investigated yet several related section in an extensive area of Eastern Yunnan. Plentiful materials collected give full supports for the preliminarily formed stratigraphic division and correlation as well as the confirmation of the boundary.

This paper deals with the stratigraphic division and correlation of the latest Sinian and the earliest Cambrian, i. e. the Yuhucun formation and the Chiungchussu formation correspondently. The Yuhucun formation is, from botton to top, divided into the Jiucheng member, Baiyanshao member, Zhongyicun member and the Dahai member. Significance of boundary establishment of the small shelly fossils, characteristics of each variety of the Meishucun fauna and different correlations at home and abroad as well as the meaning of the small shelly fossils are discussed.

【Main Contents】
Chapter 1 Stratigraphic division of the Meishucun age in Eastern Yunnan
Chapter 2 The features of biota assemblages of the Meishucun Stage and its overlying and underlying beds
Chapter 3 Apprication for determinations of the isotopic age and the palaeomagnetism and the multivariate analysis method of the chemical components of the rocks
Chapter 4 The features of the Lithofacies and Palaeogeography
Chapter 5 Determination of the Sinian – Cambrian boundary in Eastern Yunnan and its correlation at home and abroad
Chapter 6 Description of the main section
Chapter 7Description of the fossils

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