Theoretical and Computational Dynamics of A Compressible flow

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Author: Shih-I Pai
Language: English
1991; Hardcover;245x165mm;699


1. Preface
3. Thermodynamics and Physical Properities of
Compressible Fluids
4. On-Dimensional Flow of an Inviscid
Compressible Fluid
5. Shock Waves
6. Fundamental Equations of the Dynamics of A
Compressible Inviscid, Non-Heatconducting and
Radiating Fluid
7. Method of Small Perturbations, Linearized
8. Two-Dimensional Subsonic Steady Potential Flow
9. Hodograph Method and Rheograph Method
10.Exact Solutions of Two-Dimensional
Isentropic Steady Flow Equations
11.Two-Dimensional Steady Transonic and
Hypersonic Flows
12. Method of Characteristics
13. Linearized Theory of Thre-Dimensional
Potential Flow
14. Nonlinear Theory of Three-Dimensional
Compressible flow
15. Anisentropic (Rotational) Flow of Inviscid
Compressible fluid
16. Electromagnetogasdynamics
17. Multiphase Flows
18. Flows of a Compressible Fluid with Transport


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