Three-Character-Scripture School Pediatric Massage (Chinese-English Edition)

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Language: Chinese and English bilingual
ISBN/ISSN: 9787532393275
Published on: 2008-01


Pediatric massage is a kind of nature treatment, which caters for those people who are unwilling to take antibiotic and thirst for going back to nature. It is full of vitality in recent years and the Three-character-scripture School Massage, as renowned for its favorable credit and accurate efficacy, has also developed quickly with social and economic benefit. This book is a sum of the clinical technique features of the Three-character-scripture School Massage. Three-character-scripture School Massage, established by Xu Qianguang in 1877, is popular due to the features including few points for selection, easy to master, good in efficacy and repeatable for applying. Since Pediatric Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Qindao City was found in 1955, Three-character-scripture School Massage has always been applied and it has been a major specialty of pediatric massage. In this book, the author combined the pediatric features of the physiology and pathology to gradually give a standardized treatment for the common and frequently occurred diseases. We hope that this book is helpful for children.

【Main Contents】

Chapter 1 History of Three-character-scripture School Massage
I. Establishment of Three-character-scripture School Massage
II. Inheritors of Three-character-scripture School Massage
III. Development of Three-character-scripture School Massage
1. Fewer and more accurate selection of points
2. Clearing manipulation in chief for treatment
3. Simple manipulations
4. Longer duration of manipulation on each point
5. Substitution for the drug
Chapter 2 Manipulations and Points of Three-character-scripture School Massage
I. Manipulations
1. Pushing 5. Parting-pushing and
2. Kneading meeting-pushing
3. Grasping 6. Arc-pushing
4. Pounding
II. Lubricant used in massage
III. Main points
1. Heart-meridian point 14. Parting-yin-yang point
2. Liver-meridian point 15. Meeting-yin-yang point
3. Spleen-meridian point 16. Water-to-earth point
4. Lung-meridian point 17. Earth-to-earth point
5. Kidney-meridian point 18. Heaven-river-water point
6. Small-intestine-meridian point 19. Sanguan point
7. Stomach-meridian point 20. Six-fu point
8. Banmen point 21. Dorsal-laogong point
9. Large-intestine-meridian point 22. Yiwofeng point
10. Four-transverse-crease point 23. Errenshangma point
11. Small-heaven-center point 24. Yangchi point
12. Little-transverse-crease point 25. Lieque point
13. Bagua point 26. Finger-knuckle point
Chapter 3 Clinical Application of Three-character-scripture School Massage
Part 1 Fever
Part 2 Common cold
Part 3 Cough
Part 4 Vomiting
Part 5 Diarrhea
Part 6 Abdominal pain
Part 7 Constipation
Part 8 Anorexia
Part 9 Night crying
Part 10 Roseola infantum

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