Transaction of the Chinese Crustacean Society (No.3)

甲壳动物学论文集 (第三集) (out of print)

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Author: By the Chinese Crustacean Society
Language: Chinese with English summary
Published on: 1992-01

1.In memory of Dr. Shao-wen Ling (1907-1990)
2.The habitation and distribution characteristics of Daya Bay Cirripeds
3.Ecological studies on Cirripedes in Zhoushan waters I. Ecological distribution
4.Study on the Decapod Crustacean community in changing River estuary
5.Studies on the fecundity and post spawning mortality of Acetes chinensis in western Bohai
6.Studies on the fishery biology of the mantis shrimp Oratosquilla oratoria in the Bohai Sea
7.Biology of the shrimp Metapenaeopsis palmensis in Daya Bay
8.The biological characteristics of the marron Cherax texuimanus
9.The biology of penaeid shrimp resource in northern Taiwan Strait upwelling areas
10.Studies on the Breeding, attachment and growth of Balanus trigonus Darwin in Zhoushan Waters
11.The reasons for small-sized trends of Cladocerans in Donghu Lake
12.Experimental ecology study on the larvae of the mud crab Scylla serrata (Forskal). I. Effects of diets on survival and development of larvae
13.Temperature requirements for the larval development of the freshwater prawn Macrobrachium hainanense
14.Some aspects on the rearing of the larvae of the river crab Eriocheir sinensis in earthen pond II. Effects of calcium concentrarion on the survival rate
15.On the Ecology of Penilia avirostris (Crustacea Cladocera) in Tolo Harbour, Hong Kong
16.Study on the larval development of Caridina lanceifrons Yu
17.The Larval development of Exopalaemon annandalei (Kemp)
18.A study on the embryonic development of the Chinese mitten-handed crab, Eriocheir sinensis (Crustacea Decapoda)
19.Preliminary study on the artificial propagation of Penaeus monodon in pond stock
20.On the development trend of shrimp culture
21.Effect of environmental factors on the survival of one-year-old shrimp Penaeus chinensis (Osbeck) after spawning
22.Some suggestions on increasing the utilization rate of Penaeus chinensis spawner
23.Studies on the Idiopathic Muscle Necrosis (IMN) of cultured Metapeaneus ensis
24.Electron microscopic studies on vibrio red leg disease of Chinese shrimp Penaeus chinensis
25.Carcinology and economy construction in China
26.Preliminary study on the morphology of the gills of the shrimp, Penaeus chinensis (Crustacea Decapoda)
27.Meiotic and mitotic chromosome complements from the testis of three species of shrimps in the Genus Penaeus
28.On the Porcellanid crab (Anomura: Porcellanidae) of Guangxi Province, China
29.Studies on the Gammaridea (Crustacea: Amphipoda) from Jiaozhou Bay (Yellow Sea)
30.Crustacea Mysidacea from the Seas off north and west coast of Antarctic Peninsula

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