TRUST IN THE SYSTEM-The Success of China s Alternative Development Mode


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Author: Maya
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787119093338
Published on: 2015-07


Why We Sing ofChina's Development Ihe Scale Effect ofChina's Rise and Its Impact on the World Indisputable Success ofthe Chinese Model Western Standards Not Applicable to the Chinese Model "Post—Western Discourse"and China's Voice The Philosophy Behind China's Rise and Its Significance Worldwide China Should Lead International Standard Competition The Chinese Model Surpassing the West and Benefitting the World Ihe Chinese Model and China's Development in the Next 30 Years It Is Time to Reach Some Conclusions on the Chinese Model Sub—mode Ⅰ: The Sheji SocialMode Sub—mode Ⅱ: Ihe People—centered Political Mode Sub—mode Ⅲ: Ihe Public and Private Econonuc Mode The Success and Failure ofthe Chinese ModelLies in the CPC The Lesson ofthe Soviet Union: Failure Caused by the Ideological Struggle China's Prospects and Challenges in the Next 30 Years Ihe Rise ofChina's Mainland and the Advantages ofthe Chinese System Ihe Diverging Political Paths of China's Mainland and Taiwan China's Mainland Will Never Follow the Path ofTaiwan's Political Transformation The Chinese Model Offers Important Development Experience to Human History The Foundation ofthe One—party System ofthe CPC Is"for the People" People—oriented Ideology: Empirical Study on the Chinese Outlook Toward Democracy Over 80% of Chinese Believe Democracy Is Better than Autocracy Do Chinese People Want Democracy or People—oriented Ideology? Americans Are Pessimistic About the Development ofDemocracyin China Taking China's Reality into Account in Promoting Democracy Century—old Quest for Renewal: The CPC's Evolving Narrative and Historical Mission A RevolutionaryApproach to History Reinterpreting Som Leading the Nation Living Up to Responsibilities Creating a New Narrative Building a Powerful Country 

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