Vegetation Evolution and Environmental Change in China (Vol.1) Late Cenozoic plants and climate in Yunnan

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Author: Li Chengsen
Language: In Chinese with Detailed English summary
2008; Hardcover;185x260mm;230 pages

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Chapter 2 Miocene Flora and Environment
2.1 Luhe Flora
2.2 Fruit and seed assemblage from the Miocene sediments of Longchuan Locality

Chapter 3 Pliocene Flora and Environment
3.1 The charcoal and lignified wood flora from Xundian Locality
3.2 Late Pliocene vegetation and climate of Yuanmou locality based on woodflora
3.3 Late Pliocene vegetation and climate of Yangyi region based on palynological data
3.4 Climatic and ecological implications of Late Pliocene Palaeoflora from Longling
3.5 Late Pliocene vegetation and climate of Eryuan locality based on palynological data

Chapter 4 Vegetation and climate change during the Quaternary in NW Yunnan
4.1 Study site
4.2 Results
4.3 Palaeovegetation and palaeoclimate

Chapter 5 The study on the relationship between modern pollen rain and local vegetation
5.1 Geographical location and local vegetation
5.2 Results
5.3 Discussion and conclusions

Chapter 6 Comparison of the Tertiary flora of Southwest China and Northeast India and its significance in the antiquit of the modern Himalayan flora
6.2 Fossil Localities of Northeast India
6.3 Fossil Localities of Southwest China
6.4 Fossil Record
6.5 Origin and dispersal of the Chinese floral elements


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