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Chengjiang Fauna

Author : Feng Weimin Language : Chinese ISBN/ISSN : 9787534450846 Published on: 2013-04 Soft Cover This is a 3D book with a 3D glasses. 01....

China Species Red List Vol. II Vertebrates

Author : Wang Song and Xie Yan Language : Chinese and English bilingual 97870401946942009-01; Paperback; 210*290mm,4 Kg; 1328 pages Few...

Collections of the Most Astonishing Fossils in the World from Western Liaoning Province , China –The Roots of Life and Spirit in Ancient Times

Author : Zhang Dianshuang Language : Chinese and English bilingual ISBN/ISSN : 7538278575 Published on: 2006-01 Hardcover Western Liaoing Province...
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Colored Atlas of Terrestrial Vertebrcates of the Jinggangshan Region in China

Author : Wang Yingyong Language : Chinese, Latin name ISBN/ISSN : 9787030547101 Published on: 2017-12 Hardcover Colored Atlas of Terrestrial...

Dinosaurs Walking in Zhejiang-Dinosaur Fossils of Zhejiang Province

Author : Jin Xinsheng Language : Chinese and English bilingual Published on: 2012-01 Hardcover

Geologic Tripping Guidebook to Zigong Dinosaur and the Karst landscape in SouthSichuan

Author : By Chen Maoxun Language : Chinese and English bilingual ISBN/ISSN : 7561610386 Published on: 1991-01 Paperback This book has introduced the...

Invastigetion on Wild Vertabrate Resources in Baitar Lake

Author : Liu Bao Language : Chinese and English bilingual ISBN/ISSN : 978458196949 Published on: 2020-03 Hardcover

Late Mesozoic Fossil Fishes from the Jiuquan Basin of Gansu Province ,China

Author : Ma Fengzhen Language : Chinese with English summary 1993-01; Hardcover; ; 103 pages+18 plates

On the Occurrence of the Ichthyosaur Shastasaurus in the Guanling Biota(Late Triassic),Guizhou,China(E-Paper,pdf file)

Author : Shang Qinghua,Li Chun Language : English Published on: 2009-01 Special

Palaeontologia sinica (New Series C,Whole Number 160, Number 22) The Early Tertiary Fossil Fishes from Sanshui and its Adjacent Basin,Guangdong

Author : Wang Jiangke Language : Chinese with English summary Published on: 1981-01 Hardcover This paper consists of the following 4 parts: 1) The...

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