Vibration Engineering and Technology of Machinery: Proceedings of The Fifth International Conference on VETOMAC-V, 7-28, August, 2009


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Author: Lin Zhihua,Zhu Hongping
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787560956466
Published on: 2009-01
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Vibration Engineering and Technology of Machinery: Proceedings of The Fifth International Conference on VETOMAC-V, 7-28, August, 2009

1.Fatipgue life estimation ofturbomachincry blades
2.A survey on frequency-dependent dissipation of soit matter vibration and acoustics
3.The effect of change in the number of stator blades in the stage on unsteady rotor blade forces
4.Nanomechanics for MEMS and smart systems
5.Study on a mechanical semi-active vibration absorber and its control strategy
6.Three-Dimensional seismic analysis and safety evaluation for nuclear pump of nuclear power plant based on the RCC-M Code
7.Natural frequencies of nonlinear transverse vibration of axially moving beams in the supercritical regime
8.A stochastic multi-step transversal linearization method (MTL) in engineering dynamics
9.Rayleigh-ritz method in the study of transverse vibration ofnonhomogeneous orthotropic rectangular plates of uniform thickness resting on winkler foundation
10. Influence of centrifugal stiffening on a rotor system with a flexible diaphragm coupling
11. Dynamic modeling in process control for monitoring the condition of vibrating machinery
12. Active control of flexible vibration systems with inclined combined mounts
13. Crack initiation of rotor blades in the fu'st stage of SO-3 compressor
14. The method of reduction of aerodynamic forces generated in turbine blade seals
15. Dynamic stability and chaos of a space three-bar supporter of shape memory alloys
16. Modal analysis of fractional derivative damping model of frequency-dependent viscoelastic soft matter
17. A discussion on the physics and truth ofnanoscales for vibration ofnanobeams based on nonlocal elastic stress field theory
18. Optimal design of viscoelastic dampers connecting adjacent structures
19. Transformer vibrating characteristics and tank vibration power flow
20. Chaotic field's analysis of simply and clamp supported magneto-elastic thin circular plate
21. Nonlinear dynamic analysis and experimental verification on bolt joint contact structure
22. Analysis on mechanism and simulation research on dynamic characteristics of hydraulic wave exciter device
23. Physical parameter identification of a metal rubber annulus structure based on model updating
24. Research on the random sonic fatigue life estimation of an combustor liner structure
25. Crushing behaviors of lump coal under an impact load
26. Analysis of transverse vibration of rectangular plate with discretely attached point masses having rotary inertia
27. Calculation and analysis of torsional vibration of turbine generator shafts
28. Structural optimization of a wedged-ring joint structure based on response surface design method
29. Analysis on the vibration of needle bar take-up mechanism in high-speed and twin-needle high speed lockstitcher based on multi-body dynamics
30. Monitoring dynamic characteristics for a supertall structure under construction
31. Research on pipeline pressure fluctuation law of hydraulic vibration system controlled by wave exciter
32. Analysis of dynamic response of an embedded railway track subjected to a moving load
33. A hybrid method for interior structural-acoustic analysis
34. The intelligent system design of remote fault diagnosis of reducer based on GA and NN
35. The transverse vibration ofhighline cable of alongside replenishment system
36. Study on dynamic performance of the hydraulic oil
37. Magnetoelectric effect of multiferroic non-uniform composite nanofibers
38. Dynamic response of damaged cable-stayed beam
39. Structural analysis of mop rotor for 1000mw steam turbine based on FSI
40. Force feed effects on process stability in turning
41. Optimisation and performace enhancement of active suspension for automobile under integrated structure-control design
42. Coupled dynamic analysis of deep water floating platforms - a review
43. Damped vibrationbased on mixed layerwise theories for viscoelastic stiffened laminated shells in fluid
44. Sea parameter estimation based on a modal approach
45. Bifurcation and chaos of cross-ply laminated plates with piezoelectric actuators
46. A wave based method for three dimensional steady-state sound radiation analysis in a broad frequency range
47. Stability and vibration signal analysis in hard turning
48. A modified algorithm for random decrement technique
49. Extended abstract free vibration and stability analysis of a spinning annular circular plate
50. Lateral stability, bifurcation and chaos of high-speed railway passenger car system
51. Nonlinear dynamic behaviors ofa thermo-mechanical coupling viscoelastic plate
52. Partial coherence method of transfer functions on structural vibration under correlated excitations
53. Stability limits of high speed milling system considering time-varying stiffness and gyroscopic effects
54. On the non-linear dynamics of a flexible rotor supported on porous oil journal bearings
55. A wave based method for the mid-frequency vibration analysis of coupled long and short wavelength structures
56. Dynamics of slip-ring brush assembly of alternator/motor
57. Numerical analysis of defects in the rotor supporting structure
58. Ansys the variances in dynamic characteristics of the dynamic vibration absorber caused by parameters change
59. Research on characteristics of sound radiation in water from stiffened cylindrical shells excited by interior source: Ⅰ. theory
60. Research on characteristics of sound radiation in water from stiffened cylindrical shells excited by interior source: Ⅱ. examples
61. Seismic response of a rotor-bearing system
62. Research on pressure stabilized controller for 6-DOF hydraulic seisimic simulation table
63. A new method of elimination rigid-body mode of the un-damped linear positive semi-definite vibration system
64. Research on the deflection of the annular throttle slice of shock absorber
65. Dynamics of trod with magnetic coupling
66. Phononic bandgap optimization design based on interactive evolutionary computation
67. The assessment of load bearing capacity of a rigid rrame continuous arch bridge by static and dynamic load test
68. The analysis of static and dynamic responses in spur gear meshing on the basis of finite element simulation and interrelated frictional effect
69. The numerical simulation of supercavitating steady flow past disk cavitator
70. Relationship between structural local damage and dynamic behavior
71. The vibration testing and analysis of the centrifuge facility in a combined vibration and centrifuge environment
72. The design of automatic measurement and calibration system of hard bearing dynamic machine
73. Research on ground-vibration-attenuation effect by SSRF foundation
74. A fast method of fundamental solution for helmholtz equation
75. Optimization of tuned mass damper and seismic effectiveness
76. Dynamic response evaluation of base-isolated cantilever structure
77. Suppression of chatter vibration of boring tools using dampers
78. Newton-harmonic balancing approach for nonlinear free vibration of an lastically-restrained cantilever beam  

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