Workshop on Payment Schemes for Environmental Services(Proccedings)


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Author: CCICED Task Force on Forests and Grasslands
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7503832681
Published on: 2002-01

On June 22nd and 23nd ,2002, the CCICED Western China Task Force on Forest and Grasslands, which is response to implement Natural Forest Program(NFPP) and the Sloping Land Conversion program(SLCP)co-sponsored a workshop on payment schemes for environmental services.
This book summarizes the presentations and ensuing discussions of the workshop and also includes a summary of group sessions held at the meeting to prepare recommendations. Presentations made include both those of Chinese presenters introducing the status of payment schemes in China and those of international presenters sharing relevant experience from abroad.
The complete presentations and formal papers are available on CD-ROM, which is attached to the printed version of the proceedings.

1. Introduction
2. Workshop Agenda
3. Opening Speech
4. Development of China's Ecological Compensation Scheme
5. Factors to Consider in Choosing Instruments to Promote Environmental Services
6. The U.S.Experience with Land Retirement for Natural Resource Conservation
7. Local Experience with the Ecological compensation Scheme in Guangdong Province
8. Local Experiences with the Ecological Compensation Scheme in Anhui Province
9. Market-Based Innovations for Environmental Conservation in Brazil
10. Market Instruments for Environmental Services in Costa Rica
11. A National Carbon Framework for Forest Carbon Markets
12. Reflections on China's Forest Ecological Compensation Fund
13. Description of the Cropland Conversion Program
14. Institutional Arrangements, Contracts, M& E in Costa Rica
15. Evaluating Bids in the U.S.Conservation Reserve Program
16. Payments for Environmental Services in Poor Rural Cimmunities: Experiences and Lessons
17. Capturing the Value of Forest Carbon for Local Livelihoods
18. Plenary Discussion
19. Group Discussions and Conclusions
20. Concluding Remarks
21. Summary of Presentations in Chinese
22. List of Workshop Participants
23. Workshop Papers and Presentations (CD-ROM)

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